Saturday, July 9, 2016


gerund or present participle: revamping
  1. give new and improved form, structure, or appearance to.

I am currently pulling out my old Halloween cards from last year and revamping them a little before making any new ones. Sometimes I see mistakes that I missed and maybe that's why they didn't sell? Maybe the people saw what I missed, in this case there was a little tiny glue shine around the edge of the moon, so I took out my gelato and PITT pen and made some intentional moon glow instead!

I also made some envelope art...using my awesome 5x7" Gel Press® plate and some distress paints. Seriously cannot get enough of this combination!

I love sprays, I really do but sometimes it's so darn hard to control the amount or the direction of the spray blast. In this case it was spray drips, 2 of them as you can see in the photo on the left....and maybe that's why it didn't sell....maybe it looks unintentionally messy which is never a good thing...sooooo...I made them into 2 tiny little jack-o'lanterns instead, PITT pen to the rescue again!

and..some envelope art to go with this one too! A little Jack doodle using my PITT pen and a little stamping and I have an adorable spooktackular envelope!

Now on to revamp some more cards!


Craftychris said...

I think your cards were fab before but the revamps and the envelope art just adds to the awesomeness! xxx

Ineke said...

I hardly ever use a spray because of the unintentional drops. The persons who could fix that problem good get very rich I suppose. I think your solution to turn the drops into pumpkins is rearly genius!

Pam said...

Wonderful! I agree, love the cute pumpkin drops!
Pam said...

super awesome cards.. they make me chuckle