Thursday, July 28, 2016

Beware of the effect of your words

"Words are a reflection of our thoughts. Positive words come from positive thoughts, negative words from negative thoughts. It is really that simple. Watch the words that come out of your mouth and you will have a good idea of the direction your thoughts are facing, and as a result, your life."

I began with my 5x7" Gel Press® plate making a background that was a little dark, but I used dark colors intentionally.

The reason for the darker colors is that I had a ghost print that I wanted to use with the dried residue paint left on my Petite plate after a first print pull. I added a layer of white paint to it and pressed it down to get a "left over" print which were the butterflies. It needed some doodling to bring them out a little bit which is OK with me cause I love my pens and markers! 

 Trying to capture the sparkle and shimmer that ColourArte Silks add is always a bit tough to do.