Monday, July 18, 2016

Hey GEL friend

OK, so I couldn't resist the pun about a pun :)

My new obsession is making mail art (  It is not considered an art movement per se, but it can be said to be a genre. ) and I have discovered that the 5x7 Gel Press® plate is perfect for my envelopes so I can make matching mono-printed envies! Stoked!

Challenge: Nautical/By The Sea

one of my favorite stamp sets
colored in with my favorite

I'm up over on the Gel Press blog today with a step out tutorial showing how I made my envelope

and if you missed the video to the making of the matching card, you can find it HERE.

10 REASONS TO send mail

  1. To write to a kid to teach them how fun it is to receive a letter. Ask for them to write back so that they can have fun sending one too.
  2. To send a friend a recipe
  3.  To decorate the envelope ( my personal favorite! )
  4. To practice your penmanship, play with letterforms, and have fun expressing yourself on the page!
  5. To congratulate someone on an achievement big or small
  6.  To send a letter from your pet to a friend’s pet.
  7.  To send a letter in multiple parts - like a serial podcast or tv show where they have to wait for the next episode
  8. To send a cheer up message– a note to a friend who has had a tough go of it lately.
  9.  To write a letter with checkbox questions that can be filled out and returned.
  10.  To save the US Postal Service


Pam said...

You, my friend are on a roll! These are sooooo cute! I love your backgrounds and those cute little sea creatures!

Macarena said...

Your card + envelope set is awesome! I love the colors and those submarine creatures. Ant point #6 rocks :-) Thank you for joining us over at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge! Hugs, Marzena