Friday, September 11, 2015

you tube angst

I have been taking lesson after lesson trying to learn more about how to make my You tube videos better. I have now learned how to make "annotations" that say please subscribe and "cards" which direct the viewer back here to my blog if they want more inspiration and "branding" which I have finally come up with a logo for my art. The only thing left to learn is how to get my friends to click on the subscribe button...any suggestions from my friends? :)

I also need to remember to either NOT make videos at night or to pick up some daytime light bulbs before filming my next one! This video is yellowish! lol I also need to remember to NOT leave the fan running while filming so I don't have static noise.

So many things to learn what to do and what not to do.

So here is my latest videos with everything above mentioned.
The good, the bad and the ugly of my recent You Tube experiences.

If you would like to see better close of pictures then please, by all means visit the Helmar blog on August 14th, in the meantime I am going to continue trying to make better videos. I would love for you to subscribe so you can follow me on my journey.....I need subscribers...I know....hanging head....
begging isn't pretty......sigh.....


Jean said...

Love the music!! ALways love hearing your voice!

Pam said...

Your little book is just beautiful (I love all things leaves)! Everything about it is fabulous your and made paper, the hand stitched title, your painting, and the poem is so pretty. I have a whole try of leaves that I preserved. I have got to do something with them. Keep up you marvelous work!

Unknown said...

It is kind of like making stitching cards, which is what started my whole craft hoarding. LOL I can't believe I found this one because I have been working on a stitching card on handmade paper......LOL Now once again, it will look like I am copying you. But you are a fantastic crafter so that's not a bad thing.