Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Life Drawing - Amalia

Well, today is the first time I got to draw the same model. And that is OK, not sure I like drawing someone again or if I prefer random new models. I overheard the model asking if the studio owner needed any more male models and was quite surprised to hear that no, she had more male models than females. Just an interesting little fact.

Another interesting fact is that there are a couple of artists that have DRAWN ME during our sessions ...wth? I find this a little weird....

So today I took my Faber Castell Water Crayons with me, and I can say, I still don't love them. They just seem to leave too many marks even after I have used my water brush to smooth the lines out.

3 minute poses
I always am amazed at how a new medium feels in my hands when I begin, the crayons felt large and clumsy, especially after several weeks of slick pens and pencils.

10 minute poses
I knew when I had planned on using the crayons that I was not going to be able to get small details, like her face.

But it was the lack of fingers and toes details that I missed the most.

This young woman is rather limber as you can see and we all groaned a little because this pose is all about foreshortening. And let me point out that she is striking this pose on top of a stool!

20 minute poses

I really prefer her hair up, but she usually takes it down on the last pose or so. I am sure there are people who really prefer it this way.

Then I got another surprise. The owner was off talking to one of the artists about a book, and she actually held the book up and called to me across the studio, saying something along the lines of "Look Sandee, this is your style!" What? I have a style? I mean, other than I use colors and different mediums while the remaining artists all use charcoal and pencils, what would my style be?
 I thought maybe it's my line drawing and use of color that defines my style, but evidently the fact that I use my mediums as watercolors also comes into play?

So I opened up the book after I got home to see what defines Expressive Figure Drawing...
"Others see the visible world as just the starting point for creating art that expresses a meaning beyond what is visible. This group places the goal of self-expression paramount in their works.They tease, trick, tickle,and torture their themes and motifs to bring out the maximum meaning,"

So there, I am feeling quite posh about myself. UNTIL I read more about this style....sigh...
And you don't have to be especially "gifted" to get started. Expressive drawing takes you "back to the spontaneity, the worry-free expressive nature you had as a child,"

So yeah, my art is considered childlike to her....lol..oh well...the inner child in me rules, what can I say?

"Usually people who are older are no longer as fearful about looking silly,"


mikosspot.blogspot.com said...

You do have style.. I would recognize it anywhere. . Lolol I am tickled at the folks drawing u instead if the model . thats a total compliment to me.. like with folks who have ADD. .shoukd be Focusing on one thing and Bam, you are their *Oh Squirrel moment*.. lololol

mikosspot.blogspot.com said...

Grr phone needs better typonese language skills..

Sandy said...

I love that people have been painting you. That is so cool. You are going great with your classes. You do have a style all of your own and people who know your work know it instantly its wonderful. :)