Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Life Drawing - Amalia

This week I worked with my Inktense pencils and while I love their vibrant colors, they weren't the best for sketching since I could only blend them once, one they dried, that was it...which is what I love about them in general...just not for quick and fast sketches.

3 minute warm up poses 
 At this point I love the richness of Intense pencils when they are dry

Next, the dreaded 10 minute poses....lol

Then, more my style - the 20 minute poses
This model did more with her hands than the previous models had, and I really enjoyed working on them although not always successful. Hands are still hard for me to do.

The absolute hardest pose ever...so far anyway.

And then we had time for one last 10 minute pose
I tried to be looser and intentionally made a drip and sploshes


mikosspot.blogspot.com said...

these are all super excellente!! Love the drips..

Jean said...

Your work is wonderful!

Pam said...

Your drawings look great. I like the intentional drips and sploshes.