Sunday, September 27, 2015

Artcation DaY 1

So my image of sitting on the beach watching the Lunar Eclipse didn't turn out like I had pictured it.
Rain, rain, go away
Sandee wants to paint the moon today.

Well, the universe didn't listen to me, so I turned to the internet and watched the eclipse live and painted it that way. Now the computer screen looks blue in the picture but in reality it was black...

Anna and I are having fun, looking through each others journals, eating pizza and chocolate, watching TV and painting. She has showered me with gifts, one of her handmade journals, a set of Neocolors, Doves Chocolate, a sheet of her handmade paper and 2 cookie molds that I can paper cast from! Christmas has come early!!


Sandy Ross said...

Good for you watching and painting with the internet. No eclipse in my area either....too much cloud cover.

Jean said...

Too bad nature did not cooperate. It did not here either! Sounds like you are having a blast.Love your painting!

Unknown said...

Here either :( Glad the two of you are having a wonderful time.

April said...

I think it looks awesome! :-)