Saturday, September 5, 2015

Just BEE Yourself

I've never had a shirt inspire an art journaling page before but that is exactly what happened. I painted this shirt over on the DecoArt Project and Tutorial page ( you can go there if you want to make one yourself ). So I decided to use the templates that were already cut out, that were left over from making the T-shirt. I decided to use them ( the flower and the bee ) along with a sheet of paper I used to mask the front cover of my journal ( another project I designed for DecoArt but that project hasn't been released yet so I can't show it to you yet ) to make the journal page on the right hand side.

This is the shirt that inspired me for my art journal page.

Although the entry for this contest is actually right side, the left side has a particular involvement in this which does create a 2 page spread. Can you guess ( without cheating and scrolling down! ) what that could be? I'll give you a clue, it has to do with the very awesome and cool to work with films that Grafix sent me to experiment with. 

I drew a circle onto the Grafix Wet Media Dura-lar Film ( .004" Medium weight ) and then cut the circle into a spiral. I used my Identa Pen to draw little hash marks around the spiral to represent the bee's flight pattern and then adhered one end of the spiral to the left page and the other end of the spiral to the right page with my Helmar 450 Adhesive so when you open the pages it springs opens! I hope I can show a decent picture of this as it's very hard to photograph the invisible....and the invisible element is what makes it so cool too!

When the spiral opens up it does a lovely twist and turn thing and I am so glad that the Dura-Lar film is non tearing and then returns to a nice flat state when the book closes. The Dura-Lar films just excites me, I LOVE playing with them!


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Jean said...

Just wonderful!!

Craftychris said...

Fab t shirt and fab page too! xxx

Marlene said...

So very cool!! Love the 3-D "bee trail", what a clever idea. Now all kinds of ideas are popping in my head to try this in other ways.

Sandy said...

Looks like some fun pages.. :) said...

oj I love how you used it here!!!