Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Life Drawing - meet Mike

I really look forward to my life drawing sketching, and this time I took my box of Daler Rowney pencils with me to play with. I didn't get to try them all, but I did manage to try 5 of them. In the 3 minute poses I used my Sanguine Drawing and Sanguine Smooth. The Drawing one gave me a finer more defined line and the Smooth felt more like a charcoal, but didn't smudge. They were both fine for the 3 minute poses. I think in hindsight, I would like to outline with the Drawing and then use the heavier lined Smooth for depth and shadows. 

Next, my dreaded 10 minute poses are becoming less dreaded now. I can tell you one thing, in life drawing, foreshortening is the trick to getting the poses completed, but I'm actually enjoying the challenges although I didn't have enough time to get his left arm done well, I do like how the right arm turned out. I switched to my Watersoluble pencils, so far I really enjoy sketching and then being able to take my water brush and smooth out and add shadows. 
Watersoluble 8B

10 minutes Watersoluble HB

10 minutes 4B
He looks a little chubby in the next 2 poses, but he was not. Mike is a man in his 60's and in pretty darn good shape.

20 minutes HB

I always get tickled at the 30 minute poses, mainly because the models tend to doze off. I cannot imagine being that relaxed laying naked in front of a group of people. However, they seem to be.
30 minutes 4B

We had a lot of accidents during this session, easels collapsing, pencils dropping and general rummaging around in supplies.... and sneezing....lol And one person arrived late, which I think it altogether bad form when you have a nude model.
Thankfully the model was good..


Unknown said...

oh My.. *Mike* does look most comfy in the last pose.. you even have his winky peaking out from underneather him! These drawings are awesome!!!.. Wonderful job!

Jean said...

You are really doing so well with these!

Anna said...

These are awesome Sandee! How many more weeks to your class?

SandeeNC said...

It's on going! :)

Pam said...

Well, hello Mike! Nice to meet you. You are doing a great job of your drawings Sandee!