Thursday, October 2, 2014

Illustration Friday - Wish

I have a new book to play with, thanks to Clearprint.
It's a vellum book, which is new medium for me to draw on, and a new concept for how to draw on.
So, I am using vellum as an artist instead of as a card maker.
Before I rarely used vellum as it was difficult to adhere down and curled a lot.
This is new for me, to paint on it. 
Or sketch.
Or draw.
And because it is transparent, you have 2 sides to work with.
The possibilities are mind blowing!

I am going to dedicate this book to Illustration Friday where I can practice drawing and working with both sides of the paper to complete a picture.
There is a learning curve here but I am excited!

This is my illustration for the week, called "Blow" to define "wish".
On the front side of the page I penned in the candle, the air coming from his mouth and the word Wish.

On the backside of the paper I drew the boys face.

Cool, huh?


Anna said...

This is fantastic Sandee! Maybe I should pull out some of my vellum and give it a go. I never thought of using it like that before.

Shanna Shands said...

This is a awesome concept. Love it!

Jean said...

Really- seriously?!? The pressure you are putting on the rest of us who are completing this journal project is mindblowing!!! So Cool!

Granny Korner Craftingwithartgrandma said...

This is really cool Sandee. I didnot get my journal I e-mailed but that is okay I am over booked with jobs.
I have some vellum that I run thru my copy machine when I want a print of something or for tracing patterns on my wooden projects. I will have to try my pens on it and see how it works.
I am leaving some bloggers love.

Sarah Ashley Posch said...

I, too, have just been discovering how drawe-able and write-able vellum is! Isn't it fun? Good work!

Pam said...

Awesome! You did a great job!