Thursday, October 16, 2014

tissue box

I signed up ( with a few of my friends ) to get a Krylon Mystery box.
We got 2 cans of Short Cut spray paint ( I got gold and black )
some buttons
 and a small wood crate from Walnut Hollow

In order to participate we agreed to write a blog post and show what we made.
I made a tissue box, very simple and classic.

 I really lucked out color wise as my bedroom is black and gold too :)

I began my lightly sanding inside the handles and then spray painting the box black. I cut out a cover and stapled it on to the top of the box and sprayed it also with the black paint which covered up the staples. This gave me a hinge to open and close my box.

I used the metallic gold spray paint on one of the tan buttons and the burlap to dress them up a bit. I cut circle flowers out of the white fabric and adhered them with Helmar's 450.

And something fun to watch for all the crafters and Pinterest addicts out know who you are....


Pam said...

Well, you did a marvelous job darling (in my Eva Gabore voice). Very Fancy smancy. Great use of your supplies!

Pam said...

Oh yes, I am one of those Pinterest addicts!

Granny Korner Craftingwithartgrandma said...

Wow love your project. It's a winner. Bloggers love.

Jean said...

Isn't that too cute!

Maggie said...

Very creative. I like it. Don't worry about answering. Just sending you some blog love.

Carole Z said...

Love this creation Sandee and I confess that I am a Pinterest addict, well it's so front of the TV in the evening, with the iPad!! Hugs Carole Z X

Anonymous said...

This is awesome!!! Great idea and I love the burlap! Great idea for the flower too. You rocked it.