Friday, October 3, 2014

Illustration Friday - Silence

Titling this one as
which I think is very silent.

So this is my new page.
Front page:
 The large and medium stars, outlined in black and then again in a sparkle pen, filled in with a sparkle paint. The moon's shape is outlined in black and the word silence in black.

While I was taking pictures the sun decided to come out and let me show off some of the sparkle that the page actually has. 

And the back of the page.
The moon and the background around the stars are water colored in with Inktense Blocks.

Now, let's see how each page affects the other pages.
This is where the fun comes in...well, for me anyway!
Remember the first page?

This is how it looks layered over the second page.
The stars are put even further in the background...and yes, I purposely choose stars for my silent theme knowing that it would double nicely with the wish theme.
1.Blowing out a candle, making a birthday wish.
2.Wishing upon a star.

Now, I got an unexpected plus with the backside of the silent page, with the boys face showing through the moon. Always fun to get a bonus image.

I'm really enjoying playing around with my new journal from Clearprint :)


Jean said...

Another amazing piece!

Pam said...

WOW, this is amazing! I love the effect of the layering.