Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Wonderful World of Scavenging

Ever find yourself redoing a page from your journal but with a slightly different twist?
Here's a very short slideshow of my first Wizard of Oz page.

I am having so much fun playing with this journal and its prompts!
This page only had an alteration - stripes.
Rummage & Ransack kit

I didn't intend to make another Dorothy page but here's how it came about.
my thought process:
First action - to get out my Pocket Scavenger
Alteration - Make stripes
First thought was to paint stripes and write my journaling on each stripe.
Next thought, was to try and come up with something more unique.
Third thought was to do witches legs. ( stripey leggings )
Even went and got purple and orange paint out of the cabinet.
Sat down and really read what was written on the 2 pages
in front of me.
Can't show one of them to you as I already painted on it, lol
But it was defining what a scavenger is.
Now the fourth thought roaming around in my head began to take shape.
witch = wicked witch of the west = Wizard of Oz
Fifth thought, wasn't Dorothy a true scavenger?
Sixth thought - wasn't the shoes a major focus for an inanimate object?
Sixth thought, I'm doing a Dorothy page again!

The page on the left might be the only page in the book that I don't alter and it fit perfectly with my Dorothy theme too!

Interesting note:
Here's a list of some things you might not have known about the movie.

Time for the Autumn create to live challenge!!

I chose my colors and the stitching stamps from the Grandma's needlepoint stamp set from Susan K. Weckesser's line to create my page.


Ohhh Snap said...

THIS is awesome! Thoughtful and it made me smile : D.

Pam said...

She sure was! This is great!
Pam said...

oh i love when you do her slippers.. I know you are a GLITTER FAN.. it shows.. indeed it shows!! lmao.. haveing fun with my scavenger book!!

Anonymous said...

Love what you and Tamiko are doing with your scavenger books. Looks like fun!! Love your work always....even though I don't always comment. ;) I still stalk you. <3

Anna said...

Love this! Especially the Ruby Red slippers!