Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Once you go gnome...

We are asked to make cards this month over at the {my sweet earth} blog and to show fun and different methods.
My favorite method ( which I happen to think is fun ) is altering a stamp.
Currently, my favorite stamp to alter is the gnome from the "What's Up Gnomey?" stamp kit from Susan K. Weckesser.
You know what they say..,
Once you gnome, you never go home.
Not sure, exactly what that means, but nevertheless it seems to fit!
Here's a sneak peek at my card...

Please bop on over to the {my sweet earth}blog and leave me a leave gnomey love ♥ You gnome you want to ♥

1 comment: said...

lol.. I didnt even see this at all!! lolol