Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall Gift Box

The first thing I do when altering any project is to start gathering my supplies together and see how everything looks together. I began with the clear plastic lid box, added the handmade paper which inspired me to dig out the Sugar Maple leaves that I had collected last year and an acorn which I have been collecting this year along my lake walks at the Carl Sandburg Home

I use an old Cricut mat to spray my liquid adhesive by Helmar onto the sheer handmade paper. The over spray goes onto the mat and because I've used it this way many times, the mat remains just sticky enough to hold my small papers so they don't fly away when the impact of the spray hits it.

As you can see, the liquid spray does not show up and will hold my piece of thin paper to the inside of the box very nicely. I just lay the paper in and press down gently.

Here is the top of the box, as you can see I don't do the sides of the cover.

Next, I collage the bottom ½ of the box using Helmars Decoupage and Craft paste. I use the applicator to give it a thin coating since I don't need a heavy coat with this mulberry paper.

Here are both the top and the bottom of the box completed. Make sure to let the bottom ½ dry completely before sliding the top over it so you don't have to worry about scrunching up the paper.

The fun part is always the embellishing part and I used my Helmar's 450 to secure the leaves, burlap and acorn together for a nice tight hold.

The ribbons that hold my boxes together are "latched" together with Velcro so  that the recipient just lifts off the ribbon and does not actually unwrap anything. The tiny burlap flower covers the velcro.

Here is my finished Fall Gift Box ready to be placed in the Art MoB for sale. I would love to get a present that is wrapped this way, wouldn't you?

I love the texture and feel of handmade paper and am hoping to make the Design Team for Arnold Grummers. As a paper crafter I am always looking for ways to create interesting and unique designs, what better way than to make your own paper?

Over on Frosted Designs, we are having a Fall Theme challenge!!
I just love the colors of fall!
Play along with us!


krcmasterpiece said...

Love it Sandee!! Turned out great. Love fall colors.

Pam said...

What a beautiful Fall box!

Winnie said...

So pretty and timely. I was sat our local arboretum and found lovely acorns (haven't in years as they normally were in bad shape! I love your finished piece. Thanks for sharing the how to!!

Carole Z said...

Lovely box Sandee, gorgeous fall colours, hugs Carole Z X said...

really love the box.. the colors remind me of all my mom's favorite colors!

Granny Korner Craftingwithartgrandma said...

What a beautiful box. Sending you some bloggers love.