Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Silhouette style canvas

Well, here I go again. :)
I have an upcoming show scheduled at the Art MoB Studios and Gallery on Dec. 5th ( time is yet to be scheduled for the opening ).
They loved my "Wildlife Silhouette series" and I'm so excited that they do!
All the canvases are painted with ink backgrounds with acrylic silhouettes.

The following 3 silhouettes are painted with the same ink background and DecoArts Black Tie Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic paint, with the only difference in adding DecoArts Interference from their Media Fluid Acrylics line. I wish I could take better pictures to get the true effect because if you look at the paintings from head on you cannot see the Interference paint, but one the light hits it from an angle, the paint really pops. It's quite a cool effect. It also shows up better on dark colors, hence "Flight" shows the effect better and the other 2 are more subtle, but still lovely.
with Interference Gold

 with Interference Magenta

showing Interference Magenta

showing Interference Gold

Here are more from the Wildlife Silhouette series, but these are without the DecoArt Interference paints.
"Wanderlust "



Now I just need to come up with a name for the show, not sure if "Wildlife Silhouettes" is enough? I feel like it needs a little oomph. I have enjoyed naming each piece though as they have all "spoken" to me as I created them.
And framing, this series will all be framed in black.


Jean said...

Wow - these are amazing!!!

Carole Z said...

Totally stunning Sandee! Hugs Carole Z X