Friday, June 15, 2012

scrawl: noun

messy or hurried-looking handwriting or drawing


CPS - Card Sketches: CPS 269
Inspiration Avenue: Chickens and Roosters

I knew I wanted chicken art...after all I have a chicken kitchen!

First task was to establish the location in my kitchen and the orientation of the piece. Once that was decided, I next had to dig through my hoarded stash....this is a special stash...mmm...what to pick....ohhhh how about this glittered embossed feather paper from American Crafts. I am showing you the paper in it's original state because I now consider this "plain", oh how I have changed!
Next I added a masking tape border, then splattered it with alcohol inks, and ink sprays, giving it a good mist of water to blend it all a little bit. ( You can wipe off the sprays or let them dry on the masking tape if you want a clear strip...I let everything dry on mine, then used a wet cloth to remove the sprays but left the AI splotches. ) Then I added detailing tape ( get it from your local car shop ) I went to town with "doodling", adding dots with my quilting tool, dots and dashes with my vellum writer ( since it was on masking tape and I didn't want it to smudge ) and faux sewing on the word strips. And yes, even used my own handwriting too, what better doodle than your own scrawl? lol :0
Then since I was following the CPS 269 sketch, I cut out a square from some wrapping paper that Barbara had given me and thought to myself....too plain little chicken, you need some sprucing up!
ta dah! a zentangled chicken!
I used a quote that I saw on Pinterest, I get so many great ideas there, and would love for you to link up your projects on my Project Pinterest ( shameless plug, sorry....well not really sorry, lol ) I loved the quote but didn't realize until later that it's a 'quote representation' from some one's famous words. Can you guess from whom?
And the quote ( term used loosely ) around the perimeter of the piece says:
And God said unto the chicken,
Thou shalt cross the road.
And the chicken crossed the road and
there was much rejoicing.
 Figured out the source of the quotes yet?
The first was adapted from one of Martin Luther's speeches and the second one from the Bible! HA!

And last but not least, the finished piece hanging up on my kitchen wall!

and I love, love, LOVE it! Hope you do too :)


Emily said...

Wow I love your chicken art... I'm sure its going to look fab in your kitchen x

Hugs from a not very sunny England

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

This is a wonderful Zentangle piece, Sandee! It's a very clever quote too. Blessings from Southwest Texas!

abby j said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your chicken, too! It must be a perfect addition to your chicken kitchen!! I like your sense of humor as well, Sandee!! THanks for sharing!


Rita said...

This is awesome! Love your handwriting and the zentangled chicken is so punchy. The background is perfect, too. Wow! Yup! Love it! Perfect for your chicken kitchen. :)

Mary Pat Siehl said...

what a fun home decor piece! great job

peggy gatto said...

I love this!!!!!!!!!
I also like your sense of humor!!!
Fun to visit you!

Dawn said...

Sandee, your wall-hanging is gorgeous my lovely. Chickens have always been a love of mine, so characterful and I could sit and watch them for hours. Lol if you ever get bored of it I could give it a great home over here in a very windy Cornwall!! I e-mailed you on wednesday re your query on my quote, did you get the message at all? I used the address listed on your blog? Ooh, just another thought, I have some fab mermaid stamps and would happily stamp them up and send a scan for you if of any use? May come in handy for your AB theme?
Hugs x

Anonymous said...

I'm SO glad you have that anonymous box for people like me who can't log onto their blogs. I have no idea why I can't, but here I am really loving your chicken. My friend Kathy has a chicken kitchen, too. She has every kind, shape, and form of chicken.

I was going to join IA this week, but since I can't get on my blog, I guess I won't. Love your entry, though.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth

Cynthia Patterson said...

WOW.... that is one handsome struttin' Rooster....great job!


Kate @ {K}Mericks said...

I think this is a perfect chicken inspired art piece! I love the quote and the border and the chicken, oh i love the chicken. The zentangles are impressive and then from a distance it looks more like intricate shading. You did a great job. I'll be back to see more of your work!

Shoshi said...

Wow I LOVE your chickie piece, Sandee! What fun. Great quotations, and love the zentangle too! Great piece of work.


Claire said...

oooh! i love this!! have you entered it in the IA challenge? i do hope so - it's stunning!!
i've been catching up slowly and enjoying what folk have posted since WOYWW :)
thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment!