Saturday, June 2, 2012

junk: noun

 discarded things, or things regarded as worthless or causing clutter

Guess what I'm doing today?

I sure hope someone wants my junk collectibles!

Worth a try, right? 

 A Perfect World

I did finish my February and March T!m Holtz tags and took pictures of them to post for today, when I went to edit them, they were all blurry and I was like, huh? Come to find out that big thumbprints on your camera lens don't make for good pictures! lol Will post them later on today, pinky promise.
As Promised :)
I completed the March tag, and at first I didn't like it that much, but it's growing on me. I don't have a wood grain stamp so I used a wood grain paper, but I didn't like the glossy finish so I added a layer of burlap. I didn't have the stamp, but tried to emulate it on my computer, but made a goof, and wrote ever instead of every, and didn't feel like removing it and redoing the sentiment so I added some epoxy letters over the word ever...I can live with it I guess. I don't think I did well choosing my snippets of papers for the butterflies, shrug...I'll live with that also! lol I did have some metal flowers but not the leaves, so cut one metal flower apart and used my alcohol inks on them. They turned pretty well!
 Next up, the dreaded February tag, as I am currently avoiding lovey things, this one was mentally challenging, but when I saw this stamp sentiment I knew I was going to be OK, lol I wet embossed my sayings on the tag, and they resisted the ink pretty well, so happy there. I got to play with my new melting pot and did the heart with about 4 dips in the pot, and am loving that thing! I have discovered this: ordinary kitchen wax paper still sticks to the melted UTEE but parchment papers works BEAUTIFULLY! Absolutely no sticking! I cut my bird from the French Manor cartridge and the heart from the Paisley cartridge. REALLY enjoying cutting the grunge board on the Cricut, so much better than card board!

and then on to June! ( psstt...I went and purchased a few things with my garage sell money, woo hoo! Will show you the stash on Monday!

I hope everyone has a fantastic week end!!


Redanne said...

Hi Sandee, these images are hilarious, I really love them. If you are having a sale - best of luck. If you are not, thanks for giving me a good laugh! Anne x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I fell in love with the last picture. It was PERFECT.

Good luck with your garage sale. I hope you make enough to pay (yourself) for all the hard work, energy, and haggling you had to endure just to practically give it away (grin)!!

And if it weren't for having to sell my house and find a new one, I'd be joining you in those gessoed hills.

Dianne said...

these cartoons are so fun...they made me laugh out loud! and the birdie tag is just gorgeous...

Rita said...

Great cartoons!!! Lovely way to start the day--with a chuckle. :) (The thumbprint on the lens made me chuckle, too. Sounds like something I would do. ;)

BJ said...

Great tags Sandee. The bird one is lovely and the sentiment is what Valentine's is based on anyways methinks as it is the time when the birds "get together" after the long Winter. Saw a family of baby bluetits today on our birdfeeders - so cute. BJ