Thursday, February 2, 2017

Every woman is a queen - #2

Still at the beach with limited art supplies but I managed to keep up with day 2....don't laugh...drawing on vacation is not easy. Played fast and loose with this one too, maybe about 15 minutes again. Having a prepared background has helped a lot with making the process faster.

Linking up with 29 Faces.

My niece convinced me to have a picture taken with my grand nephew since I am "camera shy" and she is right, one day I won't be around anymore and there needs to be at least a couple with me and him!


Jean said...

I think you look wonderful in the photo.

Like your girl! I should probably try this!

DVArtist said...

Hi Sandee I love this face. Very inventive. Great photo too. I have been at that very spot in SC.

Ayala Art said...
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Ineke said...

To draw a regal queen 15 minutes... wow I couldn't do it, even if a could draw. Impressed.