Saturday, February 9, 2013

Vocabulary Quiz time ☼

 OK, bloggers let's see how you do :)

Go HERE to take the quiz...
Would love to know your score if you want to share, but you don't have to ;)
I scored a 2380 missing 3 out of the 10
Somewhere along the way today I fell into a Folk Art just sort of evolved....I didn't put a sentiment on it, it just felt wrong to do so, she is way too cute to be cluttered.
I even "studied" Folk Art pictures for awhile and looked up what it meant:
"Folk art is typically not what most people think of when they hear the word “art.” It is not usually in the form of paintings or Greek-like sculptures. Another definition states that folk art is a result of ordinary people expressing themselves through their creation and construction of utilitarian objects that convey meaning and value to themselves or others within their culture. Typically the patterns, motifs, techniques and materials have special significance and can reveal a great deal about a cultural society."
I think "my society" is whimsical and fun ;) 
My "society" also enjoys sewing French knots and using Liqid Scrapdots for added dimension, after all a whimsical "society" cannot be flat and boring can it?

Cricut Craft Room - Create A Critter ( free cut, but NOW I want to buy the cartridge,
darn you Cricut!! lol )
Reminisce - white pen ( that somehow soaked up the color of the paper so it's a pale plum color now )
EK Success - Shimmering Bright Dots
Helmar - Liquid Scrapdots, Gemstone Adhesive


I'm having a birthday give away to celebrate getting older...ugh!
But it's always more fun if there are presents involved! right?



Katy said...

This is so cute!! Love how you used the colors! :)

Pat N. said...

Twee-et card, Sandee! Couldn't help it!

Pia S said...

This birdie is so sweet, what a fabulous idea for a shaped card! And I love the folksy look of it - great job!

Claudia N. said...

I believe that folk art reveals a lot more about humanity than art does (as art always is very artificial, folk art never is - it comes straight from the heart and is very close to the environment it is created in - that's what I love about folk art (and about the glueing and crafting society too ; - and I know what I am talking about as I know the art-side too...).

Love your folk art inspired bird very much! Whimsical is the expression that I would have chosen too (LOVE that word).


Claudia xx

Redanne said...

Love that birdie! So, so cute. Did the test, got 2420 but just guessed at two of them so was very lucky methinks! Will do it again though, it is a great test. Hugs, Anne x

TwinkleToes2day said...

This is lots of fun and a good one to adapt.
I got 3700 in the vocab quiz!! Yay me! :0) Mo

Meggymay said...

This is so sweet, great colours and great art.

Ruth M said...

That birdie is so charming Sandee, definitely whimsical and fun! I think you're right to leave off a sentiment. Great use of the colours!
Thanks so much for playing along with us at Inkspirational once more & I really hope you join us again soon!

I couldn't resist the vocabulary quiz and surprised myself with 10 correct answers and a score of 3520. I have been an avid reader since childhood and I love words. If I'm reading and encounter a word I don't know I absolutely must get the dictionary out! You could say I'm a word nerd LOL! Thanks for the fun! : )
Ruth x

sandie said...

adorable-your style really is fun! I love the little leg and nose-so cute!
I got 8 out of ten, I had never heard of the word for noise-see I can't remember it now!
Thanks for joining us at Inkspirational

Unknown said...

How cute is that! You are right about the sentiment....I don't think it needs one at all. Thanks for sending me to the vocab test. That was FUN! Your score: 3060 Thank you for joining our challenge again this week at Inkspirational!
hugs coming your way from the Piedmont :D

Pam said...

What a darling little bird card!

wwilloww said...

Oh my goodness, she is the sweetest bird ever!!!! I love her shape and all the style (culture?) you gave her. I don't have a cricut but I'm going to try to mimic that shape because it is too adorable!!! BTW I got 3320 on that quiz, got one wrong.

Winnie said...

Just precious! i am thinking it would work for so many occasions so I would leave it without one also. (PS took the quiz and I realize I need to bone up on my vocabulary...after a few I got the hang of it..made me feel like I was playing jeopardy! So fun!)

MaryH said...

How unusual...and so very pretty. Loved your French knots. Recently saw a video with somebody doing the sewing on a card..fabulous look. Oh, yes, Happy Birthday too. Hope it is a grand one. Also that you didn't get the predicted heavy winds up the mountains. SC Upstate fared just fine...thank the Good Lord. Hugs

MaryH said...

Back again, after taking the quiz...which was fun. Here's how I managed: Final Score: 3640 Points!
(I read a lot, but there were 2 I had to take a chance on!) TFS

Alison Scott said...

Love that birdie. So very cute.
Did the test 3460 (10/10)

Craftychris said...

ooh this little birdie is so cute! The colours are gorgeous, I just love it! xx

Donna Nuce said...

FAcinating information on Folk Art. Thanks for the schooling on that. This bird is so darling! You are right that it is tempting to buy that cartridge!

Francesca said...

Hi Sandee, took the quiz scored 3870 and that at 10.00pm just before bedtime...Lovely card very good french knots as well. hugs francesca

Jean said...

Just too cute!!

Mynn xx said...

OH my word, this is adorable!!! LOVE the gel pen doodling and the gemstone eye! Fabulous creation! Thanks for joining us at Inkspirational! :)

Katie said...

This is too too cute!

Katie said...

PS. I gave up on the quiz after too many wrong answers! But I don't think my score was going to be very good :)

Lisbeth K said...

Way to cute!!! This is just sooo adorable, fun and definitely one of a kind-card!Love the details! Thank you for joining us at Inkspirational, hope you join us again next week :)

Lisbeth K said...

Returning today to let you know my score to that quiz... I'm not a native English, but I guess all my hours watching CSI, Criminal Minds, Greys Anathomy i.e returns the favor? 9/10 correct, guess it was the time that lowered my score to 3160. I'm pleased! Thank you for sharing :)

Annette said...

HI Sandee ,
Sorry for waiting of a comment.But the last week are not my week.
Toothache had a rock band in my head.
Antibiotics ... and then two teeth were pulled.
Oh what a lovely bird.I love birds.
Perfect color combination I will have it *lol*
Thank again for joining us at Inkspirational, hope you join us again next week :)

Hugs & Kisses Annette xx