Wednesday, February 13, 2013

aegis: noun

 a shield or breastplate
  protection: controlling or conditioning influence
auspices, sponsorship
  control or guidance especially by an individual, group, or system


Hello to all my wonderful neat and messy WOYWW friends from around the world! How are you doing today? I hope everyone is well because this is going to come as a real shocker to most of you that know me...
( cue suspense music )
My desk has remained neat, and I have made 5 cards, a wall hanging and 2 altered boxes!!
What is wrong with me? I've actually been putting away everything as I go stacks or piles!
Well, I am currently working on one of my boxes, it's going to be a birthday reminder box that will fasten to the side of my refrigerator. There are 12 cards, one for each month and I will write every one's birthdays on them, I'm tired of forgetting birthdays or transferring one calender dates to the next.

Like BJ's birthday, which is on the 15th, and I didn't know, until it was too late to send her one :(

OK, I have reached the seriously goofy level with my St. Patrick's Day cards...I just can't help myself ;) Ah, to find the humor in the world that I find within myself would be bliss.

entering this in:
Simon Says stamp and Show - Something Messy
Thank goodness I have my spray box, as it contains all the mess in it. I sprayed, dried, spritzed, dried, pressed into ink, dried, and flicked, and dried. It was fun to make the background!
card #19 if you're counting! 1 more to go!!

Ranger's - Dylusions Lemon Zest, Fresh Lime
stickles - yellow
Reminisce - shamrock sticker, white pen
Faber Castell - PITT pen
Petunia Bounce - font ( mustache sentiment )
Freeform721 BT - font ( Happy St. Patrick's Day )
mustache digital clip art:
 use it, abuse it....whatever you desire :)


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AliWade said...

Happy WOYWW. I love the St Patricks Day card - really made me chuckle! Well done on the tidy desk and level of productivity. Ali x #12

Eliza said...

Ok now that card is funny well I think it is. One more to go, quick get it over and done with then you are finished.

Happy Birthday wishes for your upcoming day.

Happy WOYWW too
Eliza 13

Claudia N. said...

Love your well organized working space, sandee!

And I guess I will have to make my own birthday calendar (I am good at forgetting birthdays too, which is definitely something I want to change).

Happy crafting on your Wednesday Workdesk!

Claudia x

sara j said...

Hey Sandee-
LOVE the card...what a fabulous saying...and the idea about the birthday cards - genius. One year my sister sent me a calendar especially for birthday reminders, but I can never remember it...something right out in the open is just the ticket--what a grand idea. Seems like you are having tons of fun....and really that's what it's all about. See you next week!
sara j #52

Helen said...

You are so busy crafting and yet so tidy... I am envious! I am impressed with the put it away as you use it transformation. Would that I could!! Helen, 2

Roudi said...

Oh Sandee, I LOVE your St. Patrick's card goofiness! You always manage to put a smile on my face with your oh-so-funny cards!

Happy WOYWW and Valentine's. xx
Roudi #61

Redanne said...

Hi Sandee, that card is fabulous! Too funny for words - love it. As I sit here there is a pneumatic drill being used outside my craft room window..... must go. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #37

ria gall said...

Wow what a great card where did you get that sentiment it is fantastic. I have just bought a set of stamps with a lovely tash stamp.
Happy WOYWW I hope you have a great day
Ria #46

Francesca said...

I always have the same good intentios to clear up after every project but it never works. Great neat desk. Love Francesca

Channa said...

Love how you made the background of this card!! I think we all have the same issues with our desks...........have a good day!

Heathers Inspiration said...

Such a Fun card, love the humour x
Happy WOYWW Heather # 62

okienurse said...

Awesome looking desk with all the creating and crafting you have been doing! Love all the fun stuff! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #17

Gibby Frogett said...

Great workspace - bet it doesn't stay neat for long. Great idea for card reminder box, I have mine in ring binder 24 clear wallets in with 12 for the dates/addresses info etc and the other 12 to put the cards in for each month. Loved your St Patricks day card... Happy WOYWW.. Gill x #64

House of Bears said...

Good morning from the bears. That's a veritable crafting space we see in the middle of your desk. Aren't you itching to mess it up? ;)

Great card btw, and the blog candy is looking exciting.

Winnie said...

You started my day laughing! That St. Paddy's day card is just hysterical! I love the background you made on it also. Fun desk filled with goodies! Rock A Doodle is looking great!


My name is Cindy said...

Oh dear, I just love your sense of humour! I have to say, mine has been decidely lacking the last year or so, I'm not sure why, just turning into a grumpy old woman I guess. But that card is a peach. The funny thing is, my best friend is one person who would NOT see the funny side of that. She was 57 last year and hates, hates, hates it. All the funny 'getting old/getting fat' (she isn't) cards she got went straight in the bin and I'm not joking. Glad I put a butterfly on mine or I would have been for it. Happy WOYW Cindy

Jean said...

Your posts and cards brighten the day!

Marit said...

I love your card and hmmm, it is a neat desk indeed (although mine is even more 'empty'... still have to get used to having a studio of my own now...) Love from Holland, Marit #89

Mary Pat Siehl said...

what an awesome card! love the stashe

CraftygasheadZo said...

Wow go you, busy to say the least. And tidy, well go you again!!! Enjoy your week, take care Zo xx 93

Nan G said...

Love the card! Nice clean! Hope you've posted all your work. I'm scrolling back to take a look see. Happy WOYWW! Nan 5

Carole said...

I love your idea for a birthday box reminder. Your desk appears to have everything within reach. Be well and craft on! #101

Claire Grantham said...

Hi Sandee! I love the Rock a Doodle Do card. It's so fun. Cx #108

Pam said...

Your card is really cute and the sentiment is hilarious!

Glenda said...

Great looking desk and lots of wonder green cards. Go girl!

Anonymous said...

Love the card!! So how many friends have you lost then? Good idea for the birthdays, I laminated a list but forgot to stick it up and now I can't find it!!!

Brenda 100

Extra bonus points for a still tidy desk!

Anne said...

Great desk Sandee and the moustache card made me laugh. Anne x #134

Krisha said...

LOL! LOVE the mustash card! Great snoop this week
Krisha #133

shazsilverwolf said...

Love the card, its great! I'm still managing to stay (fairly) tidy- I'm still putting stuff back where it i've finished, at least. Don't know exactly how long it will last tho! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #129 xx

Unknown said...

You've been very productive and I love the card - great fun sentiment.

Alison Scott said...

Fantastic card. That sentiment is wonderful, so funny.
Good job keeping tidy and being busy too.
Alison #76

Chrysalis said...

Such a great idea, to tidy away after each project. It saves SO MUCH time in the long run, and means you can (usually) put your hand on what you need, straight away. Love the St P card, too! Happy WOYWW, Chris x

fairy thoughts said...

Hi sandee
I'm loving all this green humour... especially todays .. I know a few 'ladies like that' hee hee!

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Sandee,

Oh, the mustache card is so funny. I have one, but it's so blond.... lucky me!

Sounds like you are quite the tidy one lately - and as usual, always productive!

Kay #125

Karen said...

from the red of valentine's day on to the green of ST Patrick's your card the mustache is marvelous. Karen

Katie said...

I LOVE the St. Patrick's Day card! It is too funny!!! Thank you for the laugh this evening :)

MaryH said...

Happy WOYWW, and I'm impressed & envious of all that neatness & organization, with your desk & your bday calendar reminder. It takes a lot of discipline to put away your supplies when you are done. I'm doing good just to clean the stamp I used . Loved your Paddy's Day card. So funny. Got to start on mine. TFS a lovely clean desk and your funny cute card. Hope it's not too cold in the mountains. Upstate SC had drizzly rain all day. Hugs Mary H #136

Candy C said...

Your card is a hoot! I love it! Love the green background and the green shamrock on the black ribbon. That sentiment is so perfect for a friend of mine! I think I may need to get that for her! :) Thanks so much for sharing your card with us at Simon Says Stamp and Show. <3 Candy

Nan G said...

Just an update
Happy WOYWW! Nan 5 second time round :)

Julia Dunnit said...

There's nothing wrong with you! Well, if there is, I've got it to..and really, I'm surprising myself by being like this, so I guess you are too! But it pays off...I like the idea of the birthday box for the fridge..I have a big calendar and still don't really look at it far enough in advance!
Hooted at the St P's day card.. I should like that saying in any day!!

MrsC.x said...

Happy Valentines and a Happy belated WOYWW tfs Mrs.C #54

Tertia said...

Oh how I wish I could keep my space clean! But I am having way too much fun to clean and I am scared mr. Mojo leaves.
Love the card.
Happy belated WOYWW from a very hot South Africa.
Tertia 20

Cathy L. Calamas said...

That is a hysterical sentiment. love it!! A Spray box.... why didn't I think of that? Great tip!!

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Well done for keeping things so tidy. I managed it for two weeks then it all went to pot. I like your idea for keeping track of birthdays etc, but what happens when you lose track of what day or even what month it is? Sorry to be a pessimist but this year is truly flying past. Have a great week. xx Maggie #8

Darnell said...

OMG! LOL! I almost wet myself laffing about that mustache saying! TFS! I'm saving that to send to my friend's closer to St. Pat's!!

April said...

You know - I didn't like the mustache cards or any mustache stuff at first, but I must admit they are growing on me. I love the puns and the funnies - I might have to break down and do a mustache card myself. ;-)
April #119

Joynana said...

Love that card background done with all of the sprays. #83

RosC said...

Hi Sandee,
I'll probably be around again soon, soon. I'll still trundling around last week's posts and saying g'day to folks I've missed.
Your St Pat's card is great - love your background description which really fits with Irish humour. The Irish make me laugh...
Well done on keeping the desk tidy as you go. I think it's catching because I was doing the same and achieved more.
Ros. #154