Wednesday, February 20, 2013

portend: verb

to give an omen or anticipatory sign of
indicate, signify

It's WOYWW time...woo hoo!!
I figure my desk is getting kinda boring since I am cleaning up after each project, don't know how long this will last, but in the mean time here is a shot of my craft room...I'd try and call it a studio but can't do it without giggling! And I really should have removed the evidence of chocolate sitting on the corner...can we say choco-holic!?! .....guilty as charged!

Welcome to the edition of the 1950's hoarding storage! A corner of my room I've not shared before. This is the view from where I sit at my desk. This original gossip/phone table is one of my favorites, that has been placed on top of my mom's hope chest. I use it for storage, like I place my laptop on the padded seat when I am crafting. Great place to watch videos while working away! The wall clock is also an authentic 1950's clock, I have been utilizing the cord by hanging my decorated clothes pins from it...both make me happy. In the corner is a round tiered commercial bakery stand.
All these pieces do double duty in my small apartment. During the winter when I have Christmas decorations up, they hold my plants; when the decorations get put away, the plants go back to their normal place and then their use is for storage for crafts....and miscellaneous this and that stuff. lol
 Now be expecting a mega dose of Mother's Day cards for 2 reasons:
1. I have no back inventory for the store because ever since my Mom died, they were too hard to make. And then, even when my grief had subsided I had no reason to make them as I had no one to send them to.  Now, I get to make some body's mom happy I love that.
2. And the Art MoB has issued a 30 projects in 30 days challenge, with a show at the end of the period. So I am going to make 30 Mother's Day cards.

"The 30 Day Challenge show will have an opening reception on April 6th from 3-5pm at the Art MoB.  Refreshments and the artists will be there to share their experiences from this challenge with the community. Posters will be created from the work and sold to help host more 30 Day Challenge shows and create a scholarship for emerging artist." Art MoB

Interesting, huh?
 I will be the most unassuming artist as I am doing cards, but what the heck, every thing new I do is a growth experience!
Entering this in:
PanPastel UK Challenge Blog - #7 Use just 2 colors
( used pink and brown )
Me & My Big Ideas - rhinestones
Maya Road - flowers
paper - all from scrap bin
Helmar -  Gemstone Adhesive
Close To My Heart - marker
Drawing is in 2 days!
Winner will be announced on the 23rd!!
Click here


BJ said...

Super shot of your room Sandee, and the pink and brown cards are great considering I'm having a pink and brown phase too. Still up in the night with the cold but batteling on.... Happy WOYWW BJ#4

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Always love seeing the secret spaces!! Shelves make great access and you've lots to play with.
Peeped about a bit, had computer problems last week and Love the little brownie camera!! I've 2 a bit older, my sister has this one.
Happy WOYWW and Enjoy the week I'm #10 this week.

Francesca said...

Nice to see you work space, love your chair, wouldn't fit in my room. Francesca #29

Belinda Basson said...

Glad you explained the vintage green chair was on something, it looked a bit high from this vantage point!

jill said...

What a lovely sentiment for the mother card. Thats everthing a mother is & does. Happy woyww. Jill #33

Eliza said...

I know what you mean when it comes to mums being gone, mine passed 5 years ago and I am still missing her, the cards that is another story. Love the recipe, made me smile.

Hugs Eliza

RosC said...

Hey Sandee,

Now I're a sneaky snickers eater! Ok, that's allowed when you have busy things happening and all those 50's things in another corner. I remember those telephone tables from when we were tied to the wall socket!

Special Smiles to you as I haven't visited for a while.
Ros. #36.

MvM-design said...

Nice recipe!
Happy Wednesday and have a creative week ;)
Hugs Marleen #18

okienurse said...

awesome looking crafty corner! The telephone table is cool! I remember having one that was wooden and we had to sit there to talk on the phone as the cords were so short. Love the Momma's day card. Very nice! My Mom passed on Feb. 8 1989 and it is always difficult in February for me. Thanks for sharing and have a great week! Vickie #28

Unknown said...

I love vintage decor. I just can not pull it off. So sorry to hear about your moms passing but you did an awesome job with the lovely card. Happy WOYWW!
~Christina 13

Jackie said...

Good morning to you on the other side of the world .... Well almost ... It's a long way from the cold uk
Great looking round your room I see you keep a pair of glasses next to your cricut and a pair by your laptop !!
Jackie 19

Helen said...

I love your alternative view this week, that chair looks very comfy! Good luck with your mother's day card challenge! Helen, 5

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I'm going to find Mothering Sunday hard this year as it will be the first without my Mum....but what you're doing with the cards is great. Good work!
Hugs, LLJ 38 xx

Anita Scroggins said...

I think we all started with a small scrap space, and then it just grows!

MrsC.x said...

lovely card! i love your space and there MUST be chocolate when we craft! it is law or at least thats what i tell my hubby!

Happy WOYWW tfs Mrs.C #54

Claudia N. said...

I SO LOVE your working space, sandee! I feel very much at home with it, as your multiple-using of furniture and all the other things is so exactly what I do too! *giggle.

Even the chocolate that has to be somewhere in reaching distance most of the time.

And I do not dare call my space a "studio" too...even if I am not really sure why. Maybe you and me just do not need to.

Have a wonderful WW and happy crafting!!!

Claudia xxx

Redanne said...

Wow Sandee, that is a great view of your Studio! It is so neat and tidy looking too, I must show mine next week as it might shame me into tidying up! lol. Great Mother's Day card with a lovely sentiment. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #37

sandra de said...

Always lovely to see the room people craft in, I do like your gossip chair/table. I think we might of had something similar when I was growing up.
Sandra @83

Heathers Inspiration said...

Loved visiting your blog this week, what a great room full of treasure ;0) Love your clock and write up too.
Great card design and such a special recipe x Happy WOYWW Heather # 72

ria gall said...

your STUDIO looks really cool lots of storage space and some very interesting pieces.
Wow that is a challenge and a half that you have joined in with wish you luck with that and I love the card the sentiment is FAB
Wishing you very Happy WOYWW
Ria #73

VonnyK said...

You have some fabulous old furniture in there and I love that clock. Your card is beautiful, I'm sure the mums will love the other cards you are going to make.
Have a great week.
Von #61

Channa said...

Great recipe!!! and lovely color combo. Have a good day, channa

Unknown said...

Oh I def ENVY you I WANT a craft room too, I had to give up mine for my little girl but hoping we can afford next yr to convert the loft for us and Mesi can get our old room and poor little me can have my small craft room back lol
Now those cool hand charms I bought them on e-bay from china it's free postage just takes abt a month or more to get to you here is a link for one
I hope it's a help, I got all my charms and beads from china where postage is free or you pay once and anything else is free
Of to craft, been doing my TioT DT work to got 2 done, I cant tell you when was the last time I was ahead of myself and mood for crafting lol
Take care
Ildiko xx

Unknown said...

Oh I forgot in my long winded comment one may I use yr sentiment it's gorgeous

Winnie said...

Looks like a comfy spot to create! I love your baskets on your shelves. Your Mother's Day card is just perfect. The sentiment is ideal and love the layout and faux stitching. It sets it off perfectly. Winnie #92

Glenda said...

How interesting your space is! So much wonderful storage! Glenda #88

House of Bears said...

What a lovely card sentiment. Great craft room too.

The bears @#98 this week

Claire Grantham said...

I really want to have a rummage through your craft room :) looks like I might find some forgotten treasures..I'm glad you are making Mother's Day cards again and I really like the one you showed today. Cx #99

Jean said...

What a cool space!! Congrats on keeping things cleaned up! What a special card! SO pretty!

Lori said...

A 1950's studio is still a studio. LOL. Congrats on getting #9. Woohoo. You didn't mention that your birthday is in TWO DAYS!!!
Love ya
Lori #57

Nan G said...

Great Wall of stash! Love the chit chat chair! Good luck with the 30 day challenge. Hold your head ARE an artist! Have fun. We don't have anything that down here. Have a great week. Happy WOYWW! Nan 7

Mary Pat Siehl said...

love that recipe!!! so cute!!

lots of goodies i see in your room

April said...

I LOVE your craft room. It is so cozy and there is chocolate. What more could you ask for? April

Pam said...

Lovely card! My Mom passed away 7 years ago so I just don't make Mothers day cards (to difficult), but I like the way you think about making someone else happy!

CraftygasheadZo said...

Great to see different areas in your 'studio'! I call mine my craft room because that's what it is. Used to be my reading room but craft pushed the books out! Take care & enjoy this week whatever it brings. Zo xx 59

Tamika said...

Good luck on your challenges! Pretty card! Tamika #131

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Sandee,

I LOVE Snickers too! That's my favorite candy bar in the world. When I buy them I keep them in the frig - yep, that's the way I roll!

Your craft studio looks great! And why wouldn't you call it a studio?

Love the Mother's Day card. Oh, but I'm in the same club as you. I lost my mom to cancer in 1991. I'm sure your cards will make mothers very happy though.

Yep, I think I'm changing the bird. But I have to see what papers I have left.... yikes.


Laura said...

Fear not, chocolate is good!
Love the green chair!
Happy WOYWW, have a super week,
Laura 146

Krisha said...

Hi Sandee, I can really relate to the Mother's Day card story. Lost my Mom a couple of years ago and haven't really made Mother's Day cards since. Slow porcess, but I am getting around to makeing them again. Love your photos this week.
Krisha #21

Anonymous said...

Great to see another angle to your room Sandee, and to hear the story behind your treasures. Love the MD card, it's very pretty.

Brenda 114

Tertia said...

Man I love that green chair! I want it! I struggle with mother's day cards and my mom has been gone for 11 years!
Happy WOYWW!
Tertia 20

Alison Scott said...

Great working space.
Love the acid green chair.

Katie said...

I love the picture of your room!

I'm sure your cards with make moms very happy! They are so beautiful :)

Carole Z said...

Hi Sandee, love your craft room! I really understand about your Mum; mine passed away 5 years ago and she was my biggest 'fan' so making cards for her was so special, hugs Carole Z#121

fairy thoughts said...

thanks for sharing the rest of your room I know what you mean about sameness(real word?). I am a chocholic who has given up for lent (aghhh it's hard but I have to proove to myself i can live without it.... crazy lady.
Love the recipe I might have to use that for mothers day if that's ok. Have a great week
janet #32

MaryH said...

Sandee, love your craft room. You mentioned a small apartment, well you certainly have utilized your space to a maximum. Love the vintage items you showed, and enjoyed hearing how you are using them. I hear you on the Mother's Day cards. I've only made 2 - for sis-in-laws. And yes, it was a bittersweet effort, but I should do some more, & think about My Mom as I make them. Thanks for sharing such a pretty space. (very tidy too!)

My name is Cindy said...

Oh My Sandee, you do have a lot of interesting pieces in your room!! I am seriously hyperventilating at the thought of 30 projects in 30 days...... I shall be on holiday early March so that'sme out then (phew!!). Yes I did send you a card, glad it arrived safely!! Happy WOYWW Cindy

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

O always love it when I get to see someone's craft room. It makes me not feel so much like a hoarder.

Of course, I don't think I've eaten that much chocolate in my entire life!! Well, maybe, but I never got chocolate when I was young. My grandparents didn't ever buy it for me. Of course, there was always Halloween, but that usually entailed apples, popcorn balls, and things we can't give out today.

Gita said...

MM, chocolate. And snickers too. Love snickers. Nice craft space. Enjoy making all those Mother's Day cards!!
Brigita #134

RosA said...

Hi Sandee,
Lovely to see more of your room. The phone/gossip table is great!
I have to look away from the Mother's Day cards on display at the shops. (My mother was my biggest "fan", always loved anything I made. Better stop now, lump in throat ... sigh.)

Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

Really gorgeous, love the layout. Thank you for joining in with the PanPastel Challenge Blog
Lindsay xx

Darnell said...

Oh, man, Snickers! My fave! That was a great post, Sandee, and a super view of your room. Lots of wonderful eye candy (since you ate the other kind) to look at; loving the 50s everything!

Sorry, I'm late finishing up my WOYWW visits. Have a great rest of the week! Darnell #48

Elizabeth said...

Hi Sandee, so nice to see a different shot of your room and your very lovely, and still useful, 1950s pieces too. Your pegs look great hanging from the clock. It saddens me to say this too, but I don't have any reason to make Mother's Day cards - mine passed away over 8 years ago and I still miss her - she was the embodiment of the verse on your card. Elizabeth x #58