Saturday, July 28, 2012

voila: interjection

used to call attention, to express satisfaction or approval, or to suggest an appearance as if by magic 
Enjoyed watching the Opening Ceremony of the XXX Olympics

*best moment, when the faux Queen jumped from the helicopter!*

worst outfit award goes to the Czech republic, what's up with those plastic blue boots, and stretch shorts?
most funny...Independent Olympic Athletes? really? Is this new?
Need sunglasses to view them...Jamaica...that's a bright neon yellow!
most casual - Liechtenstein, comfy in jeans!
best looking flag bearer - Switzerland...oh yeah, yum factor!
hardest to wait for - United States! we look like sailors, lol...well disappointing :/ Nice to know that Ralph Lauren who designed our outfits has at least apologized for having our uniforms made in China and not in the USA.
Great Britain...I gotta ask, what's the underarm patches all about? lol

Most humorous: listening to Matt Lauer and Bob Costas trying to keep up with the fast parade of Olympians!

Loved the Olympiad commercials!

 would be the coolest Halloween costume evah'...the bicycle "doves"...totally awesome!

There were a lot of countries I've never heard of. :( Guess I am getting old and am geography challenged!
204 countries!

saddest moment, I wish they would leave Muhammad Ali alone, he was way too out of it to have been there.
 Poor man.

I liked the running of the torch with the next generation of athletes, that was nice. AWESOME view of the Olympic cauldron, just beautiful!

hardest moment - listening to the aged Sir Paul McCartney singing Hey Jude...::sigh::
Bless his heart.

Well, enough of my commentary! It was a great opening ceremony!
Well done Great Britain!

I love making pretty office supplies :0 I mean if I am gonna look at them everyday then they might as well be pleasing to my eye, right?
Nod yes,
great, we agree!
One of my favorite things to decorate are memo pads. Make a little cardboard base, cover it with some fab pattern paper, ink the edges for that awesome shabby chic look with a beautiful bow and top it off with an inspirational quote, and voila...

I also tea dyed the ribbon because it had a white stripe and the paper was ivory toned. But this ribbon didn't accept the tea dye very well and ended up inking it instead.  Does it hurt that the tea was a bag of Christmas tea, and now my ribbon smells like orange cloves?
Oh no it does not! lol yummmmmmm

Here's a fast and easy tip from Pinterest that really helped me out yesterday. I have been wanting to fix my key ring, I love to add things and when charms get old, I remove them! BUT, I hate, hate, HATE spreading that ring apart with my poor fingernails, and when I saw this
( The site that is posted from is nothing but random pictures, but if you want to go there it's )
I had my aha moment! Not only did I add my 2 new charms but took every key off and rearranged them, all 7 keys! with ease! I had an organizing moment, just me and my keys as I arranged them in order of necessity, size and use. So I put car key with fob and both house keys with the mailbox key on the main ring. Oh, and see the 2 new house keys in aqua blue, oh yeah..I'm a key my keys! lol Seriously, I am a key geek! Next ring holds secondary keys ( safe deposit box, brother's house key and hutch key, I have to write on my keys so I don't forget which key is what ) plus the grocery stores and library scan cards, and last ring holds my eye glass kit, cupcake charm and a Japanese good luck charm from my friend Barbara.

I'd love to know, are you a key geek too?


scrappymo! said...

Thanks for sharing that fabulous pinterest trick.Off to re-arrange my keys.

TwinkleToes2day said...

What a clever idea! Thanks for sharing! :0)

TwinkleToes2day said...

I'm a dope, I thought it was 3 separate comment thingies, doh.......
The Olympic ceremony was really good, better than I thought it was going to be after the awful hand-over 'show' at Beijing, haha. I thought the queen showed a good sense of humour doing her bit of acting with 'James Bond' although she did look as if she wanted to laugh, haha, but my favourite part was when the torches were lit and the whole thing moved upwards, I thought it was a grEAt spectacle.
Well done GB.
I heart your notebook idea! A great one for Christmas gifts too as it can be personalised.
Have a wicked weekend :0)

Redanne said...

Hi Sandee, your commentary is brilliant! I must admit I worried that other countries may not understand it - industrial revolution etc but I certainly did. Same as you, why did they subject Mohammed Ali to that and Paul McC really need to retire - right now! The 007 with the Queen was hilarious. Don't worry, most people will not recognise many of the countries, it's not your age....

What a great tip for keyrings, I am a geek too but not for keys - its the keyrings, I have a large collection......very geeky.

Love your memo pad, I really enjoy making them too. A great post today Sandee, really enjoyed reading it even if I do feel like a zombie............A x

BJ said...

From our Olympic Ceremony commentary, I believe the Independant Athletes are those who have left their own country seeking aslyum, so are officially of "no country". Agree about Paul McCartney and Muhammad Ali. Paul's singing was quite awful. My favourite parts were the Queen and 007 and also Mr Bean on the piano which made us all laugh. I thought the Cauldron was spectacular too.

Love the keyring opener, will try to remember to do this next time but all my keys are in order right now - LOL