Sunday, July 22, 2012

nod: noun

An indication of approval or assent


The newest, watermelon ice. It seems like just yesterday my first jar post reminisced about catching fireflies as a kid, so for the last jar, it seemed fitting to do one honoring the summer firefly. What goes around, comes around full circle it seems. I have really enjoyed playing in the
Summer of Color Challenges!
It reads:
Fireflies are light twinkling in the dark.

Really Reasonable Ribbon - Swiss Dots Grosgrain

the first three:
sherbet, mint chocolate chip, baseball nut

the last three:
strawberry lemonade punch, wild and reckless sherbet, watermelon ice

all together lit up:

I also made a spray box, thanks to BJ's inspiring idea! Here I am spraying the jar for the watermelon ice. Before, I had to go downstairs and out into the yard to spray my jars, now I can do it on my balcony...the birds didn't like me very much though! lol
 And my box is a 2 piece, I can remove the top section if I am not spraying inks, and use the bottom piece for dropping alcohol inks onto paper, or for doing any mod podging or gessoing projects. It has a sturdy piece of plastic taped to it while the top box only has wax paper taped to it's bottom section.
I love my spray box, thank you BJ for the idea!
I also noticed something that has absolutely shocked me, no kidding! I have not done a single lay out for 2012 !!??!! Seriously? I couldn't believe it, but I have been so happily blogging along that it felt like I have been doing them I guess! lol So, whenever I need a mojo jump start, I always head over to Becky Fleck's Page Map Blog, because her sketches are the best as far as I am concerned. So, when I looked at this embellishment challenge, it screamed ( yes, it did ) to do my front page of my album with the focus, ( there, I said it, a pun, go figure, right? ) being on my photography for the year, since I have been taking a photography class for the last 6 months!

her sketch:

My version which has all kinds of nods to things I have been trying this year:

a bit of Tim Holtz influence....
Donna Downey, Tracy Weinzapfel and Elizabeth from Altered Book Lover .....
doodle-tangling, because it seems all the rage....
and a splash of digital mixed media art!

For me, creating this LO, was a time of reflection of all that I have been learning this year, to realize how much different people have had an effect on me. You never know when you will touch some one's life and what it may do to them,
for me...
they have made me one ooey gooey, inky mess!
Project Pinterest!! been there? done that?
if not, then join us!


scrappymo! said...

That spray booth/ink splatter tray is fabulous. What a great idea.

May said...

What a fabulous idea... I need to make one of those spray booth's.. your candle jars look beautiful..Hugs May x x x

...the yorkshire fox... said...

Hi Sandee...loVe all your votive jars they look so pretty when lit up for the evening and a loVely way to remember the summer challeng, your progress with the photography has been a delight to see, there have been some cracking wildlife images, you must be very proud of yourself and the LO is loVely it has marked your journey so far...a super posting...Mel :)

Roudi said...

How lovely! Adorable jars and layout, Sandee. :)
And OMG I missed you so much! ♥
I'm back to the good ol' blog now. Hop on over and take a look at all my vacation pictures!


Redanne said...

That idea of BJ's is a cracking one! Love your jar this week, I know I should not have favourites but this is it, it is lovely, as if the fireflies are dancing - love it. Your LO is fabulous and since I have seen you come along this journey it is lovely to see it all on one page - love that lens circle - you have done a wonderful job on it. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Maureen Hayes said...


I have been enjoying these Bottles so much, as well as all of your other projects, that I hadn't noticed you hadn't done a LO yet. . .Lol! The one you created today is a great example of all the styles you are currently influenced by and it came out beautifully.

I am going to have to steal your spray box idea, genius!

Barb King said...

That's a great set up for sprays, I'm always getting it on the floor when I over spray. Love your layout, lots of great details.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have a spray box, but it is NOWHERE near as fancy and multipurpose as yours. What a clever idea. I bet you get lots of pins from that one!

I didn't even know you were a scrapbooker. I see why, since I started visiting after the first of the year. Yes, your photography "fetish" shows in this spread, and I love how you have taken in, and acknowledged, so many techniques (and embellishments, too).

Mary Pat Siehl said...

love that firefly jar!! love it

your layout is aweosme love all the techniques you used

bellefrogworks said...

I love all your jars glowing together. Lovely work and functional too (well - we all need light don't we?)

LiliansArt said...

Wow, I really like the firefly one, it does bring back childhood memories, unfortunately we don't see much fireflies here anymore. Very sad. Keep creating and I really like your spray box

Tori B. said...

Your jars are really lovely. I love your spray box too, what a great idea!

Tracey FK said...

Great spray box, but I am sad to see the end of those gorgeous jars... they have been a highlight of the summer of colour for me... mind you I can't wait to see what you come up with next...xx

BJ said...

Super Duper Sandee. Love your last firefly jar with the sparkly wings.
Thanks for the mention with respect to your spray box. Oh and your layout is FAB. I see you got your DYMO out too. I put vellum through mine for my latest layout of my friend's new baby (sorry won't be blogging it as I don't feel comfortable putting photos of children especially other people's on the web iyswim - I did put her fingers with my son's on when she was born though) Love how you have incorporated loads of "in vogue" techniques on your page. Super job - BJ

Terrie said...

This post is just full of arty goodness! Just love your jars; the last one is a perfect addition. And your spray box is genius! Great idea and I know you'll get lots of use out of it.

Whimcees said...


Great project! Love them all! The spray box idea is perfect! Wishing you a happy day!


Barbara Diane

505whimsygirl said...

Very cool spray box..... The last thing I spray painted was huge. I just put down a tarp and went to town. BUT, I was wearing flip flops and you should have seen my feet!!! tee hee


Princess Judy Palmer said...

Love the layout! It is a nice eclectic mix of this and that and it all goes together nicely. I like the cartoonish look of the photos up top. Love the spray box. I was going to make one myself but my empty pizza box must have grown legs and thrown itself out. I interrogated the cats and they implicated my hubby. I interrogated the hubby and he implicated the cats. I suspect a plot amongst them all.

Kalea Wavedancer said...

OoooHhhhh firefly jar pretty