Friday, July 6, 2012

snitched: verb

pilfer something: to steal something in a sneaky way, especially something of little value
Shirley and I went to Smiley's Flea Market and Antique Malls, ( they have 3 locations: North Carolina, Florida and Georgia ) last week end. I love the Internet and found an interesting bit of trivia about out local establishment. The owner's name is Ben Camden, Sr. and he established Smiley's in 1984. The reason he named it Smiley's; is he wanted a name that would reflect the business in a good light and on those who operated it. Contrary to popular belief, his last name is not Smiley's but he will answer to it every time you see him. ( cute huh? ) Smiley's is 100,000 square feet with 700 outside selling booths, and an Antique mall that is longer than a football field! -------------------------                So I learned a few things, but unfortunately as a sign of the times it has gone down hill in quality. There wasn't a lot that Shirley and I enjoyed seeing but I did enjoy my fruit cup :) and we both bought huge ferns for $6.00 each. Bad thing was, she drove her teeny tiny Miata and we had no room! We had to make a run to her house to drop off the plants so that we could continue on our day!

Our color challenge for Week 4 Summer of Color  over at Twinkle Twinkle this week is:
 Strawberry Lemonade Punch
sounds good enough to eat, huh? yum!
So, making another jar for the series. :) After it was washed, dried and the label removed, it was spray painted pink, but too dark so I dabbed a layer of white on top and then a layer of pale yellow, using a scrunched up piece of Saran Wrap. Then I took my Prima Script stamp and stamped that in a mauve rose ink..then took a damp towel, patted it gently around the script image to softened it up some. Next, I took a flower stamp and used my pink acrylic paint to stamp flower images. I did go back over the stamped images with my paint and added the half flowers and the dots. Then using my 'scrapper', I etched around the shapes so that the light would shine through it.

I used my Scor-Pal Tape to go around the edge of the jar, then adhered my yellow ribbon and added the bow with my glue gun. I took twine and hot glued the flowers which have brad centers and let them dangle down the front of the jar.

Really Reasonable Ribbon - July Ribbon Club Assortment

And since I am baby sitting my friend's garden while she is out of town and she has allllllllll these beautiful flowers; I snitched me some and put them in my jar this time instead of a tea light :)

purty, huh? :)

Here are the 3 from last week:
Sherbet, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Baseball Nut

and mint chocolate chip also with flowers, ( and some are even from my balcony! lol )

Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!

Project Pinterest will post on July 9th


Terrie Purkey said...

This continues to be one of my fave SOC projects to watch. I love your idea and each jar is so creative - you're going to have an amazing collection. So fun!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

what cute jars you've made!

helena said...

another fabulous piece - love the set

Redanne said...

Your jar is gorgeous and so are those flowers! Ours are nearly all beaten to a pulp by all this torrential rain we are having........I wish I had a lovely balcony like you..........A x

Mary Pat Siehl said...

oh i just love these-so summery and bright and cheery! greatjob

Mandy said...

gee your jars are really amazing and so so pretty....and what a wonderful day you would have had at the

Diana Taylor said...

What a gorgeous jar - I love it. The colours are beautiful and I love the matching flowers you put in it.

Kristin said...


minnemie said...

Your jars are amazing!!!

BJ said...

Love them all Sandee and the vase is just super. BJ

Katie said...

I love the jar! We are going to have lots of left over jars after our wedding so I'm going to have to keep these ideas in mind!

Gloria said...

Thank you so much for explaining your process. It is always so interesting to find out how things are made. And it is always an eye opener to realize all the steps needed to accomplish each project. These are all so pretty and useful, too!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wasn't I just here (grin)? Did you really have time to make that jar and pick those flowers while I was trying to get back online? Yep, my computer overheated again, but now I'm back.

At first I wondered what the pilfering had to do with the Flea Market, then I read further and got a real kick out of the flowers. Now I know why you wanted to house sit my garden (tee hee).

Rita said...

Those ferns must have been ginormous!
This jar is so cute, too. :)

Joanna said...

Your new jar is SO PRETTY and will look wonderful with your growing collection :)

Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

Your yars ar so beautiful.
Lovly greet

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

Darling! Perfect for summer too. :)

Shahrul Niza said...

This is so much fun!. Lovely flowers too. I love glass painting :).

Kathy said...

Very pretty.. and those flowers are gorgeous too..