Thursday, May 28, 2015

My fountain!

So most of you already know the story of how I got the fountain.

Well, that same afternoon I spent leveling the ground and removing plants for it to fit in. Had to take a break at this point, drink some water and read the pump assembly instructions.

Then I came back for round 2, assembled everything and replanted all the plants.

Today, the maintenance guys came out and put in the wiring, it was a lot of work for them, but finally it got completed!! I did get tickled that they thought they would have to put the pump together and were quite surprised that I did it ( men, eye roll)

And now I have a running fountain, it sounds great and I am so excited! I need some plants to put up around the base that the deer won't disseminate, but otherwise I am very happy with it's location.

I have to add a picture which shows the light inside the fountain a little bit better....:)


Pam said...

Oh Sandee, it looks just beautiful!
Pam said...

The fountain looks awesome and the birds will be happy to see it is on!! I see you had a guest already checking it out! Now they will only go back and tell others!! We can have water without going UPCLOSE and PERSONAL with the snakessss yes!! lol

Jean said...

Quite the sanctuary you are building there. Maybe this will chase the snakes away!

Unknown said...

Oh I think it looks beautiful, would love to have the scene from my porch. Enjoy!