Friday, May 8, 2015

Flowering Bridge - Lake Lure NC

Officially dedicated Oct. 19, 2013, the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge blooms on the historic 1925 Rocky Broad River bridge in Lake Lure, NC. When the bridge was closed to traffic in 2011, the Friends of the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge came together to create gardens on the 155 feet of the bridge and along a pathway at both ends of the three-arch span itself. With an emphasis on native plants, the Friends mission is to create a “Gateway to Somewhere Beautiful” for the enjoyment of the public.

I really enjoyed doing a watercolor sketch of the bridge, there is just something about bridges that I love. Water on the other hand is very hard to do and rarely is the water actually blue so I always think it looks a little weird, but I am trying to draw what I see regardless of whether I think it looks right. I did enjoy the goose that swam into the picture and was glad I captured him. I did however make sure I stayed under the shade of a big tree so I didn't add to my sunburned body parts from the other day!! I do need to remember to add sunscreen and insect repellent to my arsenal of sketching supplies.


Anonymous said...

Sunscreen when you're out in the sun is probably a good idea!! Great painting!! I really wish I could paint like your work my friend.

Jean said...

This is just beautiful!!

Pam said...

WOW Sandee, this is just beautiful!!! I love all of the detail! You did a exceptional job! Makes me want to get out my water colors and paint but, I'm too busy making baby things right now.

Unknown said...

I love this. You do such beautiful work. This looks like a very peaceful place. said...

yea.. I hate that we dont see the pretty water like the have on and around the islands.. just the grungy green colored waters.. They still have their own beauty.. but nothing like blues that woooooooo our hears often.. LOLOL