Sunday, May 3, 2015

So I had another art show....

This is day 3 of,,,,"Can we blog for 90 days straight?"  
Welcome to pictures of my third art show :) 

I had so much fun at the show, talking with friends and meeting new people! An art show is both fun and exhausting. There is so much work to get ready for it, and then whoosh it's over. It's kinda like being on a roller coaster. First you get into your little car and feel the excitement wash over over you as all the ideas swirl around in your head as you begin your preparations, then you have the first big hill, which you climb slowly, producing art, sending out press notices, printing up flyers and finally hanging the art you are at the top of the ride....take a quick look around to view the scenery and enjoy the time during the show cause are done and the ride is over!

Sandee Setliff, animals from the mountains

Jamie Miller, animals from Costa Rico

Miriam Hughes, animals from everywhere
 We had a fabulous time having our tarot cards read by Noelle, who came down from Black Mountain just for our event. I was really looking forward to getting my second reading too.
Noelle and Kim
And afterwards, we had another great dinner with friends! We talked well into the night and ended up being the last people out of the restaurant, I am sure they were glad when we finally left!!

We are already swirling ideas around for the next show!


Anonymous said...

Sandee, I love your art and would love to someday attend one of your shows in person!!! Beautiful pieces.

Sandy said...

Wow you all did a wonderful job on your painting.. How fantastic to be having your third art show..

Unknown said...

WOW, all of them are beautiful. Great job ladies. And Sandee you look so pretty. Nice to see you in pics. said...

Congratulations on another awesomely put together show! I am sure you are excited, relieved, exhausted and saddened it's all over!! Everyones work. Especially yours looks amazing!!

Jean said...

Looks very successful! Congrats!

Pam said...

Everyone's art work looks wonderful!
Looks like you had a great time! I wish we could have made it there.