Friday, May 15, 2015

Birds and Butterflies

I love my little creek that is behind my garden, especially since my neighbor moved in down below me. She is fairly quiet but when her kids come over...well, I am spoiled, I've had peace and quiet for 4 years. I guess I better just be thankful I had it for that long. I'm adjusting by taking my chair and camera down by the creek and chilling. So I did manage to get a picture of a Common Grackle down along the creek bed which I thought was unusual since I've not seen him out in the open areas.

Birding Life List:

1. Crow
2. Eastern Bluebird
3. Common Grackle

Butterfly Life List:
1. Monarch

2. Pipevine Swallowtail

3. Silver Spotted Fritillary

4. Tiger Swallowtail

5. Black Swallowtail

I had to start including my butterflies too since I am adding a new one! I was walking up and down the creek...don't ask....and there he was, so I had to quickly, but silently slosh my way back to my chair and grab my camera to get a picture of him. I was so excited...seriously, I do need to get a When I got back inside, I had to enlist the help of a group to identify him...
6. Red Spotted Purple!
( who names these things? There is no red, and no purple!! )

6 comments: said...

I love the butterflies more than anything!! I've never actually seen colored butterflies in person that were stll alive! Most of the butterflies I've seen have faint white/green wings. No really spactacular color.. These are amazing they exist and that you saw them. That bird is kinda NOT attractive and looks like it has a tude. I shouldn' t say not has very distinct features and that makes him Unique. Great colorful post.

Unknown said...

Wow, those are beautiful butterflies!! You do have your own little paradise don't you?! I love it

Jean said...

Love your wildlife!

Deb said...

Beautiful pictures...I just had a Black Swallowtail visit my yard last week. I didn't know that was it's name until I saw your blog post. Thanks for sharing pictures and their names!

Sandy said...

Oh I would have got excited to, to see such a beauty in your little creek.. You are really adding up on your list.. I think it's so wonderful that you are sharing with us what you see.. I love the butterflies glad you are adding them for us to see too. Red spotted purple poor thing maybe the person was colour blind. lol

Carole Z said...

Beautiful photos, love those butterflies,So sorry I haven't been by this week or so, life has gotten in the way of blogging lately.. Hugs Carole Z X