Saturday, May 16, 2015

Appreciating Face Book

Some people say Face Book is worthless and they wouldn't be on there if their life depended on it. And there can be a lot of disturbing drama and mundane postings...BUT, there are also awesome groups that are filled with helpful people. Recently I joined a Plant Identification group (If you want to join, you must be a friend of mine from FB so I can add you to the closed group, just let me know.) and they have helped me to identify several plants. ( I searched online myself trying to figure what they were called to no avail...there are just too many out there to narrow down the searches when you don't know what you are looking for!!

A couple of posts ago I mentioned finally learning what this little guy is....

Then the other day they helped me to discover the name of my Iris...which really was nice...inheriting plants means I don't know exactly what is growing. I mean I knew it was a Iris but has such un-Iris like, I know it is a native and considered semi aquatic, which is why it does so well in my mesic soil.

Then this little wild beauty (although this picture shows it in it's declining stages, so not the best picture) that is seen growing everywhere around here, yet no one knew it's name, (I know, cause I asked a LOT of locals) but the group did :) Have I mentioned how I love this group?

And today, I learned that this little guy will bear me some edible fruit, and even though it is not a native to the area, grows right well along the edges of forests....have I mentioned I live right by the woods? Not sure I'll get a chance to taste the fruit since I have an abundance of wildlife, but hey, as long as someone is happy!

I am having so much fun in woodland garden, it took 4 years of clearing brush, vines and weeds out of it, but the results are starting to show. Little plants are coming alive and popping out all over the place. I'm afraid to pull anything up because it might be a native or something useful. I'm having to relearn my plants since this isn't my usual flower garden I have grown up with and while some native plants aren't as showy, they are still that I am learning to appreciate them.


Unknown said...

I have a few plants I may like to find out what they are. The one, Golden Ragwort almost looks like a dandelion in its final stages. Maybe some of the wild animals will leave you a few berries so you can taste them, LOL said...

oh this post is inspiring... its good to know some folks are willing to help you.. wonder if they would help a concrete jungle loving chick like me.. lol we have a lot of crap growing around my house. the landscapes guys pretty much keep it cleaned up and neat.. but I have no clue what this crap is!! Mabe I wanna see more butterflies in my yard.. or more blossoms period.. :) Again.. very inspiring post.. :)

Sandy said...

So wonderful you found a group to help you on your quest of searching for the names of your plants. The Blue flag iris looks like something I have in my garden but it is not flowering now of course..