Thursday, May 21, 2015

Don't mess with a gardener:

 Soooooo....I live in an apartment complex and pretty much have taken over the back area...and now I have expanded my "territory" to include the creek area and a small patch that I have designated for native wildflowers (for the butterflies and bee population). I actually shooed away the yard guys who had orders to clear my wildflower'm pretty sure they think I'm crazy. I don't care.

 I went and confirmed to the apartment complex my intentions for that area, and they are just fine with whatever I want to do. I've asked for help clearing some trees....figured I might as well while I was there, lol AND I want an old bench that's in the "junkyard" so I can make a planter out of it...He said he would get it for me. ( He did, as you can see!! )
 Here's a picture of the "before", hopefully, I'll have an "after" picture sometime soon. Now I need ideas on how to create this, any help is appreciated!! Have you made one? Love it, hate it...anything you would do differently? Let me know! I've already removed the seat slats, and plan on stapling some screen wire to form the base to hold the plants...after that, not sure!

I feel a need to have some pictures, so here is a bird to add to my birding list.

Red Belly Woodpecker
A lot of people confuse him with a Red Headed Woodpecker, but they really aren't even close in comparison! He comes to my feeders all the time, however, he is always angled so that I cannot get a good picture of him. So far, these are the best I have of him.

 Favorite shot....I'm sure he is after something! I wonder what he saw...
He did give me one decent pose before flying off.

Birding Life List:

1. Crow
2. Eastern Bluebird
3. Common Grackle
4. Red Belly Woodpecker


Ohhh Snap said...

It's a beautiful garden! Love the woodpecker. Birdwatching has been a favorite activity of mine for years. If you are setting up a bee area, you might want to include some bee watering sites (pie pans/shallow pans filled with marbles and then filled with water, the marbles make it possible for the bees to get water without drowning (as they are wont to do in bird baths). Thanks for sharing!

Carole Z said...

Hi Sandee, what a lovely woodland garden - looking forward to seeing the finished planter, a great idea! Loved the woodpecker photos! Hugs Carole Z X

Pam said...

You go girl! I am so happy the management at your apartment complex are okay with what you are doing, (how could they not be)! Wonderful bench, it looks in pretty good shape. I have seen chairs made into planters where they make a hole and just sit the pot down in it. I'm not sure how you would do the bench. I am loving your nature posts! The photos are beautiful.
Pam said...

I love the bench! Pinterest here we come for idea on making bench planters!! Love that your complex's management was accomidating!

Unknown said...

Wow what a neat bench to redo. I would paint it some lovely color that would brighten that space. How to use planters you would have to google that it's too hard to explain in a post but if I run across a short tut I will send it your way. :)
<3 Betty L. Friis-Halcomb

Sandy said...

It's looking great glad you got the go ahead to keep up the great work you are doing.