Saturday, May 23, 2015

Day before Garden Jubilee

Friday was the day before Garden Jubilee, our big garden event in Hendersonville, NC. I took all my garden signs into my studio so I could get them varnished.

But first I had to clear my desk off, I've been re-working a canvas and making it into a collage piece from one of our local magazines called The Laurel of Hendersonville.

I also had surprise gifts left for me by 2 of my friends. One was from Michele, the owner of the Art MoB who laid out some flowers on newspaper for me :)

And my other friend Shirley bought in a bag of dried flowers, chocolate and a card for me!!

While you are reading this, I will be camped out at a table in front of the Art Mob, hopefully selling my signs. I'll have some pictures for you tomorrow, promise!


Carole Z said...

Hope the even went well Sandee, looking forward to hearing about it! Hugs Carole Z X

Sandy said...

Hope you had a sell out of your signs. What lovely little gifts you where left by your friends.

Unknown said...

Loved your signs you made and I hope they all sold out. What nice friends to leave you wonderful gifts. said...

hmm no idea where my post went.. bt anyway i love the signs as i previously told you in another post.. the collage piece is also awesome.. your friends are cool for bring you flowers.. I dont get flowers often.. but im not mad.. id rather have art supplies and coffee.. and chocolate.. or chocolate.. then coffee yea.. the friend with the chocolate is a def keeper!! thank goodness for our arty friends who listen and try to give us things they know we can use.. :)