Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Creek Fairy house

I admit, I am not too proud to go into the junk yards and find my treasures...I actually get excited that I can take something destined for trash and turn it into something. We have an area in the development I live in where people can dump big items for pick up, and it happens to be in the same area as the communal mulch" that I had been using for my flower beds. I had been eyeing some broken planters where the bases had come apart from the urns, but had no idea what to use them for until the other day I found this really big feeder and thought it would make a great fairy house along the creek using one of those bases to hold it up.

 OK, so my first thought was IN the creek...I very happily gathered moss and rocks around it and sat back in my chair admiring my work....and started thinking....sometimes we have heavy rains... and the creek turns into a small river....surely that would wash away my fairy house. And by now I am calling it the "creek fairy house"....just so you know. lol

So I moved it,,, and the moss...and the rocks to the side of the bank and now was much more pleased that it wouldn't wash away now if we had a big storm.

I then get back up to my balcony and to my dismay I realize that I cannot see the creek fairy house from there....oh man....I feel another move coming on. But I made sure to "eye" the area where it would go so I could sit on my balcony and enjoy it. Last move? I hope so!! I also moved it a little further up the hill, just in case we get a flood, lol Now, I think a little welcome sign for the creek fairy house and maybe some wind chimes could complete my little nook by the creek.


Anonymous said...

Most definitely needs a welcome sign!! Such a cute idea and I love it when things are taken from the recycle bin and re-done into amazing little pieces of art. Can't wait for the sign!

Jean said...

Fun idea!Glad you can see it now!

Pam said...

Sweet! I love how your Creek Fairy House looks!
I love going to yard sales and thrift shops. You never know what your going to find! I used to be the General Manager of a million dollar thrift store. You can't find any good things there now,they put out literally junk and price it high. I have found some other thrift shops though that are really reasonable and have really nice things.

Marlene said...

Such a great idea and what a lovely thing to admire from your balcony!! Now I am anxiously awaiting a post with a pic of the welcome sign you come up with, lol

mikosspot.blogspot.com said...

i am waiting to see the new pictures from the new location with the windchimes and the welcomesign.. do wind chimes make anynoise if no one hears them?? lolol

Sandy said...

Yes chimes and a sign to welcome the fairies.. Looking forward to the photos as you make your improvements.

Craftychris said...

I love your creek fairy house! It's so cute! xxx