Sunday, May 31, 2015

Appalachian Azure

So today marks the 30th day in a row (out of a 90 challenge) that I have blogged. (Actually, it's day 31 but when I wrote this post it was the 30th day, lol ) I know some of my friends have struggled to complete a full 30 days, but it isn't their fault. They have either husbands and or children, maybe working a regular 9-5 job. Heck, I doubt I could make the time to blog if I had those responsibilities. Plus I am on 6 design teams so blogging and taking pictures is almost part of my daily routine for me. I think they are all doing a fabulous job so if you have a chance, pop on over to their blog, say hello and "follow" them. It would make their day!

Butterfly Life List:
1. Monarch
2. Pipevine Swallowtail
3. Silver Spotted Fritillary
4. Tiger Swallowtail
5. Black Swallowtail
And not a new one, but new pictures anyway :) Spent a couple hours down by the creek today, I just love how much cooler it is down there. I am still surprised that I find butterflies down there too, today it was the Appalachian Azure's that were fluttering all over the place. One even climbed all over my camera and investigated my keys that were laying beside me.

6. Appalachian Azure on Perewinkle
female, ignoring the
The Appalachian azure is found throughout the central and southern Appalachian mountains from Pennsylvania to Georgia and has a few isolated records from MissouriKentucky, and Ohio.[3] It lives in moist deciduous woodlands with plenty of shade and streamsides near these forests. Males often gather in groups near mud puddles by these streamsides.
Males "puddling"...I don't even want to think about what they were on either!
You may not want to know this about the guys....

"Butterflies and moths regularly congregate around mud, dung and even blood, tears or decaying flesh! Little is known about this behaviour, but there are a couple of interesting observations that may help explain the icky phenomenon. For starters, the majority of specimens found near mud are males and quite often, while the butterfly blokes are drinking from the mud, fluids are pumped out of their abdomens. The male Gluphisia septentrionis moth even goes so far as to shoot the fluids in forced anal jets ... charming."

That's food for thought the next time you see a butterfly, huh?


Sandy Ross said...

They are just beautiful....even with your tid bit of info! LOL

Granny Korner Craftingwithartgrandma said...

Great blog. Enjoy all you great information. I am leaving some fluttering blogg r rs love

Jean said...

Ok - really? I think I may have to stop reading your blog!:) Congrats on the 30 days!!

Unknown said...

I have so been enjoying your daily blog and all the very interesting things you see and do in your little bit of heaven.. I also enjoy reading the names and facts you give about each of your findings. I do not always respond but know I read them everyday.. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

You amaze me, you know all about birds, butterflies and plants, wow! I think that is so cool that you do. Other than their "dirty little secret, lol" I think butterflies are beautiful. I am not sure if we get the ones you posted, course my eyesight is horrible. but yours sure are pretty. I too am glad you made it to the 30 day mark and yes at times, it is a struggle.

Unknown said...

I am so glad I stopped by to love on your butterfly's even though they have a secret I still love them.
Your flowers are gorgeous btw. Looking for a bright red bench but it's not there. What happened to your bench for pots? said...

oooh yuck!! glad I wasnt drinking anything for your little nasty butterfly fact!! They are just about as nasty as one of our parrots that is shyt shooter from his cage.. ::reconsidering loving them:: lmaoooooo Thanx ( thats sarcasm) lmaooooo