Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Historic Johnson Farm

My second short story is up over on the Rapid River Art & Culture Magazine and it just thrills me to be published, especially considering that I am no writer by any means. If you have a moment to click on the link and read it, it's appreciated by both me and my editor. :)

I have been trying to work on my water coloring which has been fun doing but definitely has a learning curve. The art of Plein Air also has a learning curve, one aspect is carrying your equipment out to the site which is expressed in the story itself. And writing a story to be published is yet another learning curve.
Dang, there are so many curves I'm surprised I can walk a straight line anymore! Or am I weaving, and I just don't know?


Elizabeth said...

Congratulations Sandee - you must be a better writer than you think, after all your a published writer and I know from working with authors that it is incredibly difficult to achieve that status. Good luck with all further writing. Elizabeth xx

reproduction said...

You really make a good house painting. It shows vibrant scene.

Anonymous said...

Great article Sandee and fantastic painting!! I think you make both a great artist and a great author. :) <3