Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bar Lettering

Yep, it's that time again for lettering!
I admit, it's become a favorite time for me, I am loving my lettering more and more! You can too, if you are willing to practice it. I'm always surprised that someone would practice drawing and learn techniques but feel that their handwriting is's just word art folks!

I love starting a lettering journal, a place to keep handy all those whimsical fonts that I see everywhere! So easy to pull out whenever I need some inspiration!

And, as promised here are the letter identification charts for your easy reference.

Stop by the Frosted Designs blog to see my video :)


Carole Z said...

This is lovely Sandee and what a great quote..thanks for the lettering are do write about hand-writing and have inspired me to start practising - thank you and Happy Sunday! hugs Carole Z X

Krisha said...

I never thought of lettering to be just art on a letter.....hmmmm?? Guss I might just start a lettering journal.
Thanks for all the inspiration and the lettering charts.

Jean said...

Another fun lesson!

Sandy said...

Off to have a go at this one.. Looks great and you made it so easy to follow along. I had the pencils out half way through the video..
Sandy :)