Sunday, March 31, 2013

obviate: verb

to anticipate and prevent (as a situation)
make unnecessary (as an action)
Happy Easter to everyone!
Here are my Easter projects that I made for my friends and neighbors:

2 egg cartons filled with goodies for the elderly neighbor ladies who live below me.
And I made up a lot of Peep S'more's and handed them out to my friends, they get their's early since the Easter bunny has to hand deliver them! lol
 ( This Peep S'mores will be hung from the door knob for the girl who lives across from me along with the neighbor's below who get the egg cartons.The Easter bunny delivers theirs during the night for them to have a surprise in the morning !! )

I did change how I put the goodies inside the egg cartons, I like this much better than the orginal version. You can go to Try it on Tuesday to see the first version and you still have until April 8th to play along with our Recycle It challenge!
Did you know that there is a PEEPS web page? HA!


Yesterday I was asked by Winnie ( concerning my Art MoB 6 month recap  )
"Is the shop you sell for online as well so others can look and order from it as well?"

The answer is no. I chose to not do an Etsy shop because I want to obviate dealing with the Post Office on a regular basis. I love being in a shop where I can restock and then can walk away from it. I am lucky that I live in one of those tourist towns where there are a lot of people visiting the shop. ( excluding the months of January and February ).

If you are interested in the card recap, go here.
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Redanne said...

Hi Sandee, I have not seen S'more's before but they do look cute, especially the one pole dancing! Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Hugs, Anne x

Francesca said...

Happy Easter Sandee, love the first item, ie the dye joke. Here for the 1st time we have a little sunshine, but still very cold so will play in my garden. Hugs

Nana said...

Love your egg carton projects. However your Happy Easter and Peep show still have me rolling in the floor.

Have a Happy Easter my friend.
Have a great day.
Hugs Nana
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MaryH said...

What a sweet kind neighbor you are to do this for your neighbors. I'm sure they will just love that you thought of them with such cute gifties. Really adorable, and thanks for the Peep Show pic too. Made me smile. Happy Easter.

Jean said...

These projects are so cute! Wish I was your neighbor!

Katie said...

You are so so sweet. Your neighbors are very lucky to be living next to you!

Alexa said...

Sandee - you are so kind and I your friends and neighbours are very lucky to have such a caring person living in their midst! Love your egg box upcycle - great idea! x