Saturday, March 16, 2013

voracious: adjective

having a huge appetite : ravenous
 excessively eager : insatiable
#25 of 30 Mother's Day cards in 30 days
I used a digital stamp from Squigglefly, ( I won it awhile back, but it's the first time I have used it )and because I don't have the right kind of printer I have to trace over it with my waterproof PITT big deal, but the next printer I get will the right kind!
Faber Castell - PITT pens, gelatos
Ranger - Dylusions, stickles
Candy Buzz - font
Squigglefly - Moon clipart
A few more pictures to share with you from my trip to Biltmore, the rooftop Architect's Tour.
From this vantage point you can get extreme close up of the beautiful architect.
This is Mr. Vanderbilt himself, carved in stone up among the many gargoyles and grotesques...he really did have a great sense of humor evidently!
If you look close enough you can still see some of the gold leafing that remains on the tiles since 1895.
When you are inside the Biltmore, you are NOT allowed to take any pictures and there are sentries/guards stationed all over the place to make sure that no one touches anything or takes pictures, but our guide let us take one of the huge chandelier that hands in the grand stairwell.
There are definite perks to being in a secluded employee tour!
"The massive stone spiral staircase rises four floors and has 102 steps. Through its center hangs an iron chandelier suspended from a single point, containing 72 electric light bulbs."


Sandy said...

Your card is so perfect for a new mum. I love the tired looking moon lol.. The detail on the architecture that you captured with your photos is awesome.. That chandelier must have been glorious in real life..
Sandy :)

Jean said...

Love how different each Mother's Day card is! More gorgeous photos!