Friday, January 4, 2013

festoon: noun

a decorative chain or strip hanging between two points
 a carved, molded, or painted ornament representing a decorative chain

"Festoon" traces back (by way of French and Italian) to Latin "festa," the plural of "festum," meaning "festival." "Festa" is also an ancestor of the English noun "feast."

Being that this is a new year with fresh starts and all has given me the inspiration to do something different with the Timmy Tags of 2013. Instead of making tags, ( which by the way, and don't faint, but I packaged up the 2012 tags and put them in the Art Mob, let's see if they sell? ) I am going to try and make wall hangings instead from the tag challenges..and yes, they will also be put up in the Art Mob. What inspired me you ask to make the tags into wall hangings? So glad you asked, lol You see I went into the store on the 2nd to change out my Christmas stuff to Valentines Day stuff and discovered that I sold 6 wall hangings in December! Like wow, right...exciting but it also puts me into a slight panic mode to fill in those empty spaces!
So here is the first Tim Holtz 2013 tag wall hanging!
other products used:
Ranger - Distress Stain, Vintage Photo, Clear Rock Candy crackle paint
Tim Holtz Ide-ology Film Strip ribbon
clip art from the Internet - pointing hand, gears
clock hands, gold beads, clip - misc.
Eyelet Outlet - Gear brads ( removed brad parts )
Faber Castell - blue metallic gelato ( rubbed dry onto embossing plate ) and salmon gelota used on clock frame, and PITT Pen,black
Fiskars - bamboo embossing plate
Big Shot
Helmars - 450 and Liquid Scrapdots
Aleenee's Tacky Glue
background words from Helmars Challenge site ( printed in reverse on wax paper and pressed down on board, love this technique! )
Golden - gesso, and gel medium
Cricut - French Manor, p. 31 ( clock face 8" )
Really Reasonable Ribbon - hemp cord ( dyed with Vintage Photo )
ScorPal - tape
Also entering this in Helmar's January Challenge where I doubt I can win this month as I won last months December challenge..woo hoo me! lol ( side note, this is one of the signs that sold quickly as it wasn't even in the store for a whole month! I loooooove it when that happens )
This month they want you to use the colors blue and orange, the word LIFE, and a list. I was so inspired by the word art list that I used it on my background. I copied it from their site and put it into my print program, reversed the words, printed it off on wax paper and then laid it down on my board and pressed it down using my hands. Gently lift off the wax sheet, don't let it wiggle or it will smear and then let it dry.

 I hope you can see the words:

OK, does anyone else have problems with the colors in Dylusions Melted Chocolate? For me it comes out beautifully until it dries, gets mixed or spritzed with anything. Here I began my board by gessoing it, let it dry and then I sprayed the Melted Chocolate onto it, added a little bit of Folk Art Turner's Yellow, and spritzed it with water. I took my fancy credit card tool and smoothed out the Melted Chocolate to discover this color reaction, can you see the green and pink? Do you see any brown? lol It's actually very pretty, just not what I was going for!



Redanne said...

Hi Sandee, firstly, well done on your win and who says you cannot win twice? Fingers crossed you do because that was a genious idea on your part to do wall hangings! I love, love, love your take on Tim's tag, it is brilliant. Can't help with the Dylusions as I don't have that colour - yet. Hugs, Anne x

Unknown said...

Well done on selling so many wall hangings during December - great idea to do wall hangings with the TH tag theme. Good luck with future sales too.

Kalea Wavedancer said...

6! Go youand your awesomeness! That should help with the ticket ;-)

scrappymo! said...

Sold three wall hangings!!! Great!!!

I like your take on Tim's tag. You are smart to make it a wall it sells in a flash!

I want to try the tags this year...I din't think i have enough of the supplies to make them so I will have to improvise...but there is a fun in that too!

Jean said...

You are so creative!! Can't wait to see your wall hangings each month!! Congrats on the sales and much continued success!! said...

I love your wall hanging idea and will have to give that some thought...I may just try it myself. Your techniques are very artistic and creative and I love how your tag turned out. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa Somerville said...

Wonderful take on the January tag! Love that you are making them into wall hangings!

Laughing Through Life said...

Your tag is stunning! TFS

Katie said...

Congratulations on your win! And all of your sales!

I think it is an awesome idea to turn the tags into wall hangings!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

And here is your Tim "tag." I think a wall hanging is a mighty fine idea. Gosh know his stuff lends itself to being much more than a tag or a card--definitely to be displayed. I love all the different things you do on each piece. So fun!

And I've never used Dylusion's ink. It almost seems like it came apart so you can see what components were in it. Very odd.

Pat N. said...

This is really cool! But all your wall hangings are fabulous. Glad to hear things are selling so well--I was just wondering about that and the answer was right here in this post!

Claudia N. said...

Love your very clever and creative take on the january tag, sandee!!!!

Absolutely brilliant!

Claudia xx

Laurart said...

Absolutely gorgeous tag! I wish I could make stuff like this...I really do! It is amazing From Laura xxx