Friday, August 17, 2012

pod: noun

A group of dolphins
I had the best facial today, I could have one every single day if I could afford it :) Afterwards, I did decide to go walk downtown, although there isn't much to do there... which is the whole typical laid back lifestyle they have here in a beachfront community....

After walking around, I went and had lunch at Margaritaville, a Jimmy Buffett restaurant.
The restaurant has a lot of atmosphere..
I have discovered that eating in a restaurant alone is way better when I have something to look at, which is why I chose this one, knowing that it played videos of Jimmy Buffett's singing.

and music playing...of course the classics are my favorite, and one of them is Cheeseburger in Paradise, so I ordered one, and It was awesome! Enhanced by the Havana Banana drink, together, it was total YUM!

"Cheeseburger in paradise (paradise)
Heaven on earth with an onion slice (paradise)
Not too particular not too precise (paradise)
I'm just a cheeseburger in paradise"
Then I had a mystical experience..ok maybe the drinks helped out a little bit, lol but I walked over to the beach and saw a pod of dolphins in the water! I stood there for a couple of minutes just watching them before daring to try and get a photograph. At least I got a photo of one :)
Then I turned around and went back to my resort, figuring that had topped my day just perfectly :)


scrappymo! said...

I had to page back...I am on vacation too but I am NOT I was (Yay) and had a heavenly day to myself...well 6 hours to be a little caught up on blogs I follow and now, once again, I am trying to catch up on some more blogs tonight.
Your vacation sounds wonderfull...well maybe not the blisters! I love the mermaid you drew...
I think there is a beauty to vacations alone, Once a year, I used to come up to the lake alone. DH would be working and would follow me up 10 days later.

This year we have vacationed together all year as he is still not back at work. Trust me...i am missing my alone time vacay!!! teehee
I love that you booked the spa treatments...good for you. The photos you have taken give a good picture tour of the area...makes me want to check it out!

Craftychris said...

What an absolutely perfect day! Thank you for sharing it with us. The food looks so yummy! xx

Mary Pat Siehl said...

ok your vacation looks so fun!! margaritaville would be so cool and then seeing the dolphins!! way cool

Redanne said...

Hi Sandee, I love the look of that restaurant and like the look of the onion rings even fabulous to see dolphins like that - wow, it was a perfect finish to your day.......Crafty hugs, Anne xx

Kim said...

It looks like you are having a wonderful, peaceful time. I love Margaritaville. The margaritas with the coconut tequila floating on top is awesome. Enjoy!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I feel like I'm in paradise when I see your posts this week. Sorry I missed yesterday's. Was working on my window, while you were lazing in the sun.

I'm a vegetarian, but that burger looks scrumptious. And a pod of dolphins would make my landlocked day, too!

Neesie said...

Oh my lordy...what a fantastic day!
I'm so glad that you let me come too. :D
That burger...and oh those onion rings...I'm salavating and I haven't even had breakfast yet!
The restaurant looks great... I love the colours and the art work is brilliant.
And then just when you think it couldn't get any better...dolphins ;D
What a perfect day!

Teresa Jaye said...

sounds like you're having a completely lovely, relaxing vacation - enJoy!

Pat N. said...

Yum! Your burger looks delicious. Excuse me for a moment, I have to go make myself a Havana Banana now!

Rita said...

Wow! You are really having the best vacation! Thanks for taking pictures, too. :)

May said...

looks & sounds like another fabulous day... That cheeseburger looks good.. Hugs May x x x

505whimsygirl said...

Hey Sandee,

I've eaten at a Jimmy Buffet restaurant in Las Vegas -- and I had a cheeseburger in paradise too! They are yummy. How cool to see the dolphins. They are amazing creatures.


Maureen Hayes said...


What a fantastic day, I am jealous!! I love Jimmy Buffet and would have enjoyed that Cheeseburger in Paradise for sure. Great catch on the dolphin photo, so glad you got to see them.

It is nice to see you enjoying yourself on this vacation.

Kalea Wavedancer said...

There's a Margaritaville in Nashville, and I love it!

Julia S-W said...

Sorry, I'm playing catch up on your adventures as I'm behind with my blogging! Great restaurant you found with plenty to look at! My favourite has to be the thought of you seeing your pod of dolphins though. I was lucky enough to visit my husband when he was working in Florida and I will never forget sitting in a little boat to visit Shell Island when all of a sudden a mother dolphin and two babies came along side and rode with us for a while - AMAZING! I was like you: unable to move for a minute or two. How wonderful for you.