Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hahnemühle, #Hahnemühle, #Cézanne, #WorldWatercolorMonth

I was very fortunate to have Hahnemühle send me a Cézanne
300 gsm - 100% rag - surface sized - matt, rough and hot pressed block to play with. If you have never painted on a block before, the Pads are glued and gauzed to ensure flatness when wet. This makes them especially suitable for wet painting techniques like watercolor – especially when you are using techniques like glazing and/or color washing. I used my ColourArte shimmering iridescent  H20s twinkling watercolors to create this superimposed piece of art. I loved the that the surface sizing allowed me to easily correct their mistakes, like I had to on the seagulls that I painted in the sky. 
I was only happy with the bottom seagull

 But after the video ended I went back and "lifted" out the mistakes and was able to correct them...well, at least to the point where I liked all three much better now!

Now, honestly, I don't know a whole lot about watercolor papers but I loved painting on the Matte surface!

Matte surfaces
Matte surfaces are used for delicate paintings and are suitable for beginners because of their slightly irregular surface that impacts only slightly on brush control and paint flow. These surfaces can be recommended for all watercolour painters who like to work with fine details.
Users can obtain full brush strokes in the wet in dry technique and even glowing colour gradation using the wet in wet technique.

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Jean said...

Thanks for the information on this paper. I can see how you reworked the birds. Nice job!