Friday, July 14, 2017

Adventures with Pierson

I am now 2 weeks into doing a watercolor every day and have achieved it so far, puttering away with my ColourArte Twinks. I'm still enjoying working on my latest series called "Pierson's great adventures" where I cut out a photograph of my grand-nephew and superimpose him into a surreal background that I watercolor. 
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day 14
day 13
Up, up and away
day 12
Finders Keeps
day 11
Running with the Bulls
 day 10
Space, the final frontier
day 9
BRB...I need a bigger water gun
The astute will notice there is 1 day missing, I needed to paint something specific for another challenge so I'm leaving it out of this post...however you can see what I did here and make sure to check out my new Hake brush, if you've used one before I would love to know your thoughts on it!

Also, for the mermaid lovers out there...
 I did a Mermaid blog hop with StencilGirl, and we have a prize, so hop along if you want and start here so you can see what I made!


Valerie-Jael said...

Your paintings of that little cutie are wonderful. Happy PPF, Valerie

Jennifer McLean said...

once again, I can't even imagine how thrilled that little boy will be years from now seeing how much his grand mother loved him. To make art around him is just a wonderful gift for the future. Well done! Happy PPF.

JKW said...

Watercolor, such a challenge, but I stick with it. . sometimes I mix it up with my favorite Pastels, but practice practice practice. Blessings, Janet

Mandy said...

These are just much fun...xx

sirkkis said...

What charming and clever art you've created! The cute boy looks so happy and your watercolor backgrounds are super.
Happy PPF xx

Linda Kunsman said...

cute pieces with your grandson. Happy PPF!

Jean said...

HE is going to love looking at these years from now!

Jane Wetzel said...

These are incredible!! I have made my first painting/collage of my grand daughter (7 m0s) and i want to do a series somewhat like this....can i ask you a few questions about your process? I just used acrylics, a lot of collage and i printed her picture on paper and cut it out. Put wings on her. THESE are awesome...did you print and cut him out?? thanks for you time!

SandeeNC said...

Jane, I sent you a FB friend request, figured it would be easier to discuss that way!

Craftychris said...

These are awesome! He will love seeing these when he is grown up! xxx

Giggles said...

These are fabulous and fun!! You should have a little book made at vista print and then give it to him at Christmas... I am sure he would love it!! I know his mom would!!

Hugs Giggles

Latane Barton said...

Those are just too cute. I love the one where he catches the mermaid.

Irene Rafael said...

Your art with photos are fantastic! and so clever. Love what you have done!

Pam said...

These are awesome!!! You did such a wonderful job creating Pierson's adventures and looks like you had so much fun doing it!