Friday, February 6, 2015

Rating my friends.....

Feeling very Downton Abbey these days as I am in the middle of a Netflix marathon! So I am getting the art of expressing thought  down in the form of handwriting a letter on some hand made stationary paper that I created using my Arnold Grummer Papermill kit. And I am going to use my fancy schmancy fountain pen to write with...( oh how the Dowager Countess of Grantham would frown at that remark! )  But I am after all..."just" an American!! lol

I have a new way of rating my best friends now a days, lol
A friend will save you paper for paper making, a best friend will shred the paper for you and store it in a reusable container!
Thank you Jamie for not only doing this but also for schlepping it across the mountains to bring it to me! Isn't this lavender color just divine?

I do hope you pour yourself a cuppa tea and join me over on the {my sweet earth} blog for my old fashion letter writing adventure.



Pam said...

I love it! Do you know they are not teaching cursive handwriting in schools anymore. My 18 year old grandson told me he cannot read cursive! I have been sending him cards with cursive handwritten messages for years!! What a shame. I love cursive writing, and your letter will look lovely on your hand made paper.

Clarence Chavez said...

Thank you, Sandee, for keeping letter writing alive! I am very grateful that your friendship rating system is not zero sum. You seem to have lots of love for all of us <3

MisS MiKO said...

:) cant post a kitty here... great post..

Carole Z said...

I saw Pam's comment and one of my friend's recently told me the same thing..I think that it is so important to learn to write properly so thank you for this. I still exchange letters to one of my aunties in California who is in her 90's and still has beautiful handwriting, hugs Carole Z X

Donna Lueders said...

Awesome! I am running out of storage things to put my pulp in LOL. That is great that someone helps you out.