Friday, May 31, 2013

efflorescence: noun

 the action or process of developing and unfolding as if coming into flower
 an instance of such development 
 fullness of manifestation : culmination

 the period or state of flowering

the process or product of efflorescing chemically


 It started all fun and games, loved the first step with the ink/rub on resist technique. I've used that before and always have fun with that. Then it sat for about the whole month, hadn't a clue and frankly was quite bored with the whole piece...which usually gets me in trouble, and now is the part where I blame Ranger Inc. for doing the 16 days of Melt Art 
They brainwashed me...I got out my melt pot, heated it up and stared at the board....did some more staring at the melt pot.....and finally, my creative .....errrr....stupid other half took over. You know the one that gets us in trouble? I took the whole pot and poured it over the wall hanging, and had the brilliant ( not ) idea to use a credit card to spread out the wax....uh, credit cards are plastic..the melting pot melts plastic....what on earth was I thinking
It was OK for the first swipe and then my card melted and I got wax on my fingers and I yelped, did a little panic dance and flung wax everywhere....when it was over and I checked to make sure no body parts nor kitchen parts were damaged, I peeked at the piece and figured it was no more a mess than I had begun with, so I took it to the art room and used my heat gun and a METAL spatula to spread out the wax, inserting the word strips and hand into the wax itself so it does have a nice embedded look to it.
 Do I recommend this technique to anyone? 
Nope, it's like handing a pack of matches to a 5 year old and saying, 
"Now, don't burn the house down dear! "
so yeah....I definitely embraced imperfection :)
So how hard are you laughing right now?
Go ahead, I won't hold it against you.


Carole Z said...

Oh Sandee, your post made me laugh, but the end result is a fab tag, love your take on Tim's tag for this month. I keep my melt pot out on my desk and it gets used a lot, the trouble is once I put it on, I end up playing for hours! Have ti admit to some burnt fingers myself with the beeswax though..ouch! Carole Z X

krcmasterpiece said...

I'm ROFL!!!!! Sorry-I hope you weren't injured in the making of this tag! If so-sue Tim Holtz/Ranger! LOL

The tag turned out gorgeous! Love all the colors and dimension.

Thanks for sharing it-made my morning!

Sandy said...

I so like the look of those melting pots but I burnt myself on my glue gun.. So how would I be with something even hotter.. Maybe one day..
Great tag love the colors and great choice of your wording..
Sandy :)

Jean said...

Ok - yes laughing at your descriptive story! If art doesn't work out you should write a book!!!!!!!

You still rocked it!

Francesca said...

Lovely interpretation, I still have mine to do. just checked got 19 hrs to do it in. Hugs xx

wwilloww said...

I could picture myself doing something like that but I would never turn out such a beautiful piece in the end. I love your wall-hanging!!!

Rita said...

OMG! I shouldn't be, but I am!
Turned out beautifully, though. I love the bright, bold colors. :)

Von said...

awwww Sandee (((hugs))) Hope there's no blisters from that ordeal! And, no ... I didn't laugh. I was too busy holding my breath while I read it, waiting to know if you were ok. To heck with the tag! ;-) Although it did turn out just wonderful!! :-) The closest I've come to anything like that was during a Genesis Oils heat set with my industrial heat gun. Someone came into the room to talk with me, and I set the canvas on fire. O.o We have fire extinquishers on every floor. ;-)

ria gall said...

Oh Sandee
you poor poor thing I really feel for you right now. what a mess and a pickle you got yourself into. I do hope the credit card was and out of date one?
we learn and we live to tell the tale.

Kalea Wavedancer said...


Rhonda Halushka said...

Oh my! At least you are looking back on it with humor! And the colors turned out great anyway, mishap or not! Thanks for sharing this silliness!