Monday, September 25, 2017

Sublime textures

I talked a bit about my khadi paper journey and how much I love it and if you have never heard about khadi paper then you can visit this link to find out how they are made.

Today I'd like to show you some additions to the cover that I added.

First, since I initially sewed through the cover I needed to hide the back
"sewy bits", so I adhered a sheet of marbled paper from the India and Nepal collection, they are just beautiful papers! I also added a strip of Tibet Jewels Sari ribbon along the seam and then stamped the word ART on it. 

I tore the bottom part of the Sari ribbon and threaded beads and charms onto it....I REALLY love the look of this! This texture always makes me stop for a minute to appreciate their beauty before opening my journal. You can almost hear my inner muse sighing with delight and then whispering...
"let's get creative."

To the top piece of the Sari ribbon, I tied on one of the Going Global Turkmen Jewelry Parts charms and sewed on some more beading.

This just makes me happy, not gonna lie. I adore texture by adding fibers, beading, and charms. Combine all that with the deckled edges of the hand-made paper and you might achieve your own slice of heaven!


Lisa said...

I love this! The texture, colors, charms, just all of it. Beautiful.

Ineke said...

So pretty!

Gwen Lafleur said...

This is so cool! I love the jewelry parts added to the sari yarn - it must just make you smile to see it each time you pull out your book :)

Jean said...

Simply lovely!

Dee Spillane said...

Such a beautiful creation. I love ethnicc and different supplies. You make it work so well