Saturday, January 28, 2017

How fun is this?

I tried out for a Simply Stamps custom stamp team and while I did not make the team they did send me my own customized stamp to try out which was very nice of them. The one they sent me has my address in a thought bubble and the illustrator in me just adored that! The stamps are easy to use and this one is perfect for embellishing.

 I made a card for a friend of mine who dreams of being a mermaid and during the winter months you really do have to fight sometimes to keep that dream alive!

I used my address stamp in the traditional upper left corner of the envelope and then stamped the same snowman on the card onto the envelope.
I just love the "fun-ness" of this stamp, it really makes your mail art so much easier, and hey, easy is fun too!

And of course, once you get started it's hard to stop :) 

I just love making mail art, it's a little more time consuming as with any letter writing adventure but having a fun address stamp to use sure makes it quick and easy and adds a lot of character to your mail!


Gaye Miller said...

Love the card. The snowman dreaming of being a mermaid! Love it!

That is a very creative stamp...can see how it would keep the creative thoughts flowing on ways to use it and love your ideas.

I've been dabbling with Snail Mail Art a little myself.

Jean said...

Such fun!

Krisha said...

I LOVE snail mail and this stamp is perfect!
Darling card!

Craftychris said...

Gorgeous card! Fab background and I love the fun snowman! Cool envelope decoration too - the address stamp is brilliant! xxx