Sunday, January 1, 2017

Angst in the middle of meditation

I know they had a good reason to think that folding cranes on New Years day would bring a little peace and harmony to us. It sounds reasonable, candles were lit, meditative music was playing and everyone was in a good mood...

Until we began to learn how to do the folds. You could hear mutterings of..."how do I do that again? and it's not working? and this is a lot harder than it looks!" were mumbled sometimes quietly and sometimes not so quietly due to frustration. The lady next to me displays her 4 cranes that took her 2 hours to make.

I wasn't much better, I think I spent the first hour like most squinting at the written directions or staring blankly at the video waiting for it to get to the section you were working on only to have it speed up cause you took your eyes off the screen to glance back at the creased piece of paper trying to comprehend what fold you forgot only to look back up and find the video now 2 steps ahead of you... so you sigh with resignation and glance at your neighbor wondering if they could possibly help only to realize they were in the same predicament! It was quite comical and we all enjoyed laughing at each other and at ourselves.

Here are my 10 swans....mostly done in the last hour after I finally figured out the square fold....I never knew making a square could be so complicated!

I did bring some paper home with me to make some more to bring back. They had planned on making a thousand cranes but came nowhere near to their goal.

Meditative, not really, but it was entertaining in a frustrating kind of way, lol


Jean said...

They are cute but but not sure i would have hung in there~

Lisa said...

I always wanted to learn this. It looks so hard. Inspiring. Neat.