Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I need your help!

Can learning to edit and shoot better video be a resolution? Well, it's a goal anyway. Please help me by watching 2 videos and offering some constructive feedback, I really need it

Changing it up
 So in this video I inserted a "speaking segment", with me in the camera shot, not something I normally do because normally I am usually in sweats with a serious case of  bed-head all day but they say you want to see who is creating...
so yay or nay? Is this something I should do or not bother with it?

New Angles
Next, this video has me working on trying to incorporate some new angles while shooting so that everything isn't all the same. Trust me, another pain to change tripods back and forth for the lazy creator
Again, yay or nay? Is this something I should do or not bother with it? 

read or listen
And lastly, do you prefer someone talking or is text OK? I hate talking because I stammer and stutter over the words ( as you can see from the first video link ) but if I need to change then I will make an effort to do so.

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Sue (this n that) said...

Hi Sandee, I watched both videos which I thoroughly enjoyed.
The speaking segment was nice, it added an extra element. You sounded natural and conversational.
So saying that, your second video without the speaking segment was also very watchable.
I appreciated the text inserts, with instructions and material lists, in both videos.
In regard to the angles, it was interesting to see you working occasionally from a different angle. The only one I couldn't see quite as well was with your journal turned sideways to the camera (start counter 1:21 to 1:34), a mere few seconds, however, the following frames showed the result of when you had it in that position which was great!
Sorry for such a long comment, but I do appreciate the generosity of being able to see videos like yours and I was more than happy to give some feedback for what it's worth.
Very inspiring too, thanks Sandee
Cheerio for now, Sue :D)

Jean said...

I watched them both. I do like seeing and hearing you but I know how I feel when I am in front of the camera and the nerves take over. If you feel comfortable, do it. If not, then don't . maybe try going on every couple of videos to get more used to it. I like seeing other angles but that does not make me want to watch any more or less. I like written instructions as well as spoken. Rereading this, I wasn't too helpful was I? Hahaha. I just love watching you work doesn't matter how.

wwilloww said...

Hi Sandee and thanks for asking our opinion. I have always preferred the spoken word over text. Actually, my favorite is to have both. I much prefer videos where the artist is speaking.

As to your second question, the changing positions is really unnecessary to me. I do, however, love watching you create and sometimes get frustrated with the fast speed. I appreciate most those instructors who speak as they create, sharing their thought process and materials used as they work.

What I know for sure is that you are a wonderful artist and I have loved watching you develop more and more creativity over the years. Your work has evolved and grown so in depth. To me it seems you've grown from crafter to artist in the years I've been following you. Keep up the beautiful work and thanks so much for sharing it with all of us!!!