Friday, October 7, 2016

On a kick, on a me go!

So I've been on this Netflix kick these days and no Netflix does not give me anything for doing this, heck they don't even acknowledge that I'm alive except when it comes time to pay the company, don't expect anything else from them, right? OK, so maybe I was

I had to stalk...mmmm...hunt down....errrr FIND all these lovely artists in order to give them credit...Netflix didn't make that easy either. Their names are on the envelopes but I wanted to link them to their websites so I tried to find the proper sites. I know I would like for someone to give me credit if they used my art, right?

Netflix artist: Ksenia Annis

Netflix artist: Jim Seaver

Netflix artist: Cris Hamilton

Netflix artist: Alice Malone

Have I mentioned how sorry I am for not entering this contest?

1 comment:

Jean said...

Love how you reuse their envelopes! I should join Netflix so I can get some cool mail!