Tuesday, October 4, 2016

It doesn't matter...

Another collage piece using the "fan artist" Netflix envelope, if you look closely you can see that it's the head I grabbed from the flyer and then added the mermaid body to it with matching grey paint. I did add some glitter to her hair cause a mermaid just has to sparkle somehow! lol

I had a couple pieces left over from a sea themed gel print using my Gel Press® plate so I added them to the corner of the page, so glad I hang on to little bits and bobs like these.

I really don't like the grey coloring but she really does stand out from the background which was made from left over paint on my brayer from mono-printing. 
Netflix artist: Cris Hamilton


Jean said...

Super cute!

Krisha said...

Fantastic page!!

Pam said...

Really cute! I agree, a mermaid DOES have to sparkle somehow!

Tommy Jo said...

Love the saying...and I love all the different techniques you share in your pieces. I am practicing with the gel plate, but not really happy with what I have come up with yet. Thanks for sharing this adorable page.